How to become a beneficiary of the Digital Kit Program?

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has launched the Digital Kit, a financial aid program that can benefit you to boost the digitization of your company and improve your level of competitiveness in Spain.

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What is a patent and how to obtain it in Spain?

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Are you one of those who have decided to start 2022 with a new business idea? If you are thinking of creating a product or service that can have an industrial application, then taking out its patent is your best alternative.

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The labor market in Spain

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ART 3 FEB (jue) - El mercado laboral en España - PORTADA EN

The labor market in Spain has always been an important issue for people wishing to arrive in the country and remain as residents.

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Coaching and Mentoring What are the differences and which one to choose?

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ART 1 FEB (mar) - Coaching y Mentoring - PORTADA EN

Coaching and mentoring have been characterized as two almost similar terms related to developing the skills of an organization’s employees.
While they share similarities, they are not exactly the same, but there are fundamental differences between them. Want to know what they are? Keep reading!
Since the lack of knowledge on the part of organizations when choosing a strategy is very high, it is very important to know what the terms mentioned consist of and how to learn to differentiate them from each other.

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10 steps to create your own company

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ART 13 ENE (jue) - 10 pasos para crear su propia empresa - EN - PORTADA

Starting a business may seem like a huge hurdle and some people may be intimidated by the idea; but they can’t help but be attracted to the entrepreneurial world.

If you are one of those who have your sights set on starting a business but still cringe when the time comes, worry no more. We bring you a 10-step article that will help guide you on the road to creating your business.

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What is the Kit Digital Program?

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As you may have already heard, the Next Generation EU funds contribute to the economic recovery in Spain, and this time we want to talk to you about the budget allocated to the Digital Kit Program.

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Importance of health tech and its impact on today’s world

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Technology has become the main course in the current scenario. That is why over the last decade new aspects have emerged in the area of medicine supported by technology, which have represented a breakthrough for health, one of them is the so-called “Health Tech”. A promising sector in which many startups are investing great efforts. Are you ready to meet them?

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Benchmarking: What is it and what advantages does it bring to companies?

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Benchmarking is characterized as a deep strategic analysis of the best practices that are carried out by companies in the same segment as yours. Its main purpose is to extract ideas applicable to the reality of certain organizations. In this article you will learn in detail about this topic, how we can do benchmarking and why you should not stop doing it in your company. Come and read on!

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Expansion and diversification strategies

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When defining your company’s growth strategies, many managers and entrepreneurs pay close attention to the new performance indicators.Discover some of the strategies that can help your company in its expansion and diversification process in this article. Let’s get to it!

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The Digital Euro: will electronic money officially arrive in Europe?

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Digitalization is definitely present in different areas of our lives, and one of the most significant changes can be noticed in the new existing payment methods.

Since last year, several conferences have been held by European entities, with the purpose of incorporating a Digital Euro; and that currently will have two years to define its final characteristics: design, form of distribution in stores, impact on the market, among others.

Now, what is the Digital Euro? Below we will explain what this initiative consists of.

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