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Intra-Community transactions: all about trading in the EU

An increasing number of SMEs are deciding to take the path of internationalization, although most consider it more difficult than it was three years ago. However, even when they consider it difficult, they recognize their ability to boost their business growth to other EU countries, streamlining intra-EU operations. Want to know how to trade in the EU and succeed? Here we tell you all about it!

Degrees VS professional skills: impact on the future

Traditionally, to start in the working world, people focus on finishing a university degree and putting together their best resume to impress companies. But, have you ever wondered what will be more relevant in the future? Should you pay attention to degrees or professional skills? In this article we help you to solve those doubts!

The value of a company: factors affecting its valuation

Knowing the value of a company is of great importance for various situations, such as selling it, merging it or even facing the market in which you operate to know the role your company plays and understand your competition. Although calculating the value of your company can be a complex task, it is not impossible. Find out here how to calculate the value of a company and what are the valuation criteria you should follow, let’s get to it!

Etias Visa, the new permit to travel to Europe as of 2023

Finally, it has arrived: the ETIAS is a reality after being announced by the European Parliament in 2018. From 2023, fee-free travel to the European Union will be over because of the visa waiver system that will come into effect. Want to know more about the ETIAS visa and whether it affects you? Stay with us and find out, because we’ll tell you all about it!

[DIGITAL KIT] How to choose your digitizing agent?

In the wake of the pandemic, the government decided to support the digitization of SMEs through its Digital Kit program. Since it is possible that many businesses are at an early stage of digitization and it is also likely that they do not know service providers of this type, it recently published a list of digitization agents that can carry out such digitization work. Do you want to know how to choose the right digitization agent for your company? Here we tell you, come on!