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How to capitalize your one-time unemployment payment to start your business?

One-time payment

The “one-time payment” emerges as an opportunity for those facing unemployment and dreaming of starting their own business. Would you like to discover how to transform this benefit into an initial boost to start your project? Read on to find out what you need to know and how to take the first step towards your entrepreneurial path, join us!

What does unemployment capitalization consist of? 

The concept of unemployment capitalization, also known as lump-sum payment, represents an initiative supported by the Spanish government. This is intended to stimulate and simplify the transition to self-employment among individuals who have no income. 

This measure involves receiving the entire outstanding amount of unemployment benefits in a single disbursement. Instead of opting for the traditional periodic payments.

This strategy allows you to access all (or a portion) of the funds still receivable in a single tranche. The lump-sum payment gives you the freedom to invest these resources in the start-up and development of a self-employment activity.

Instead of waiting to receive regular installment amounts, you have the opportunity to take advantage of an immediate financial injection. You can establish yourself as self-employed, which in turn helps to foster your entrepreneurial spirit and boost the economy from the ground up.

In recent times, there has been an important evolution in this initiative. Previous restrictions limiting eligibility to capitalize in cases of being a partner in a limited liability company (SL) have been eliminated. This broadens the opportunities for a wider range of applicants. 

In this sense, this transformation shows that the circumstances under which you can apply for the one-time payment have diversified considerably. The State Public Employment Service is implementing a series of strategies with the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurship. 

Thus, these measures are presented as an alternative to be considered in conjunction with the active search for salaried employment.

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Who can apply for the one-time payment for unemployment: requirements to capitalize unemployment benefits in 2023?

The documentation must be presented at your local office of the State Public Employment Service (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal). If you wish to take advantage of the unemployment capitalization with your one-time payment, you must have this profile:

One-time payment

This is one of the most challenging sections for entrepreneurs. However, rest assured that you can receive free guidance from experts affiliated with career guidance services. Along with support for self-employment operating in the employment agencies of your autonomous community.

Also, if you need initial employee hiring projections, you can access consultancies. We consider it essential to highlight this aspect, since it is one of the elements highly valued in such requests. 

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Alternatives that you can use as a self-employed person to capitalize your unemployment benefits in 2023 

One-time payment (100%)

If as a self-employed person you have in mind to invest, this option allows you to finance it using the remaining balance of your unemployment benefit. This can be up to 100% of the outstanding amount.

But the interesting thing is that you don’t need to use your entire balance: you only need 50%. For example, you can take that part and distribute it over time. This flexibility is especially useful for those whose investments do not require the entire benefit.

Through offsetting the monthly self-employed fees you have already paid. This flexibility with the one-time payment can help the self-employed manage their investment more efficiently.

Monthly payments

The monthly payment is a particularly beneficial option for freelancers who are planning to make specific investments in their business. Basically, you use the outstanding amount of your unemployment benefit to cover monthly installments related to your self-employment activity.

Imagine you are a freelancer and you are about to make a major investment in your business. Like buying new machinery or expanding your operations. Sometimes these investments can require a significant amount of cash. 

Instead of using your own funds or seeking outside financing, you can tap the balance of your unemployment benefit. And not as a lump sum, but in installments or percentages. 

And what advantage does this offer?

The key advantage here is that this option allows you to maintain a more stable cash flow in your self-employment operations. Instead of worrying about finding money each month to pay dues, you can use your accumulated unemployment benefits to cover them. 

This can be particularly useful if you are trying to balance your business finances while making significant investments. Additionally, we should point out that working partners who participate in the creation of new business partnerships have an additional benefit. 

In case they have effective control of the company, they have the right to use the lump-sum payment. Specifically to contribute to the capital stock and cover the expenses related to the incorporation of the company. This option is an additional opportunity to use the unemployment capitalization in a strategic way when creating a new company.

It is crucial to consider that when preparing the necessary documentation to apply for the one-time payment, you must take into account certain restrictions. The SEPE (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal) establishes certain limits:

  • For example: they do not allow the capitalization of unemployment to finance investments that are not related to the capital stock of the company. Or with the previously mentioned concepts. You may need to incorporate a limited company with a share capital that exceeds the usual minimum requirement of 3,000 euros.

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The one-time payment unemployment offers a unique opportunity to transform your situation and become an entrepreneur. Capitalizing it to start your business requires meeting certain requirements and presenting a solid business plan. At TAS Consulting we are committed to helping you make the most of the state benefits available to your business. 

Contact us at for advice based on your needs as a future entrepreneur.

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