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What is a transnational company and what are the strategies to become one?

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One of the main objectives for companies is to be able to experience an expansion that makes them generate more profits, have a presence in different countries around the world and maximize brand recognition.

Therefore, knowing that a transnational company can generate these benefits to your brand will make you consider a transnational strategy for your company. Below we will explain in more detail what a transnational company and a transnational strategy are. Don’t miss it!

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5 sources of financing for SMEs in Spain and Europe

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Eureka! you have found the right idea for an enterprise, excellent, but that was only the first step, now you need to find the necessary resources to finance it and keep it alive.

And one of the sine qua non requirements to be able to found your small or medium enterprise (SME) will be to have the necessary liquidity, because without money to produce, there will be no income. Fortunately, there are several sources of financing for SMEs and here we will tell you about the main ones.

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“Setting up a company in a foreign country”, may sound a bit overwhelming when you read it, however, we have created this guide so you can orient yourself in the creation of your company in Spain.… Continue reading

10 strategies to increase business productivity

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The world is moving faster and faster, processes and the way things are done are constantly evolving, and it is the task of companies to adapt to this new pace in order to keep growing. Experts crave instant achievements and the power to optimize their valuable time.

That is why we have made a list of 10 strategies to increase your company’s productivity where you will find the keys to streamline all processes while maintaining a high quality in your products and services.

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How to create a business plan?

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Making a business plan is a requirement when starting a business. It is a fundamental document for maturing a project and obtaining external financing.

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Corporate Culture: How Important Is It and How To Achieve It

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corporate cultureBusiness & Management guru –  Peter Drucker - famously said “culture eats strategy for breakfast” . This quote demonstrates the real importance of implementing a strong corporate culture . This is especially true nowadays since often companies can no longer solely rely on salary as a way to recruit the best employees. So, how should you decide on a corporate culture that will bring about significant growth for your business?… Continue reading

How to Differentiate Between a Social and Fiscal Residence in Spain

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social fiscal residence A company should have 2 different addresses. One to determine and identify where the business activity itself takes place and another for taxation purposes. As a business owner, you will need to fully and thoroughly understand the difference between the two if you’re wanting to start a company on Spanish soil. … Continue reading

Understanding Spanish Business Terms: Definitions

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spanish business terms The difference between Spanish business terms or abbreviations and their equivalents in English can sometimes be both confusing and misleading. We, at TAS Consultoría, have decided to create a short information sheet here on our blog to help you better understand and grasp these vital terms so that you can hopefully use that correctly and appropriately during your business endeavours and your everyday life in Spain.Continue reading

Download for free the Entrepreneur’s Guide for Spanish Market! How to set up a business in Spain ?

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Guide-how-to-set-up-a-business-in-spainThe Entrepreneur’s Guide for Spanish Market is a seven-step framework to handle foreign entrepreneurs setting up their business in Spain.

Starting your own business is not just about having a good idea. There are real steps to ensure your business a successful start. What are the elements you should consider when launching your new business? This entrepreneur’s guide was thought and written to recount your business process step by step.

The first part that we could call “pre-creation steps” highlights the work you must do before creating your company in Spain. The second part describes all the steps that you need to perform as well as documents required to start a business in Spain. The third part deals with Spanish tax matters like corporation tax, income tax, and welfare costs for self-employed entrepreneurs. Regarding the fourth part, it concerns all “post-creation steps” whose the purpose is the effective implementation of your company in Spain. This part will provide you all the necessary information to optimize the launching of your new business in Spain.

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15 reasons to set up your business in Spain

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start-your-business-in-SpainYou want to set up your business in Spain? But, before you start, you still have some doubts remain?

You certainly said: “The crisis in Spain has weakened the market, the economic situation is critical, there is no opportunity to seize, and it is not the right time to start a business in Spain.” We will demonstrate in 15 points why it is advisable to create your company in Spain, all your doubts will be dispelled and you can finally get started on your entrepreneurship project with complete peace of mind!Continue reading

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