SMEs in Spain, the engine of the Spanish economy

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SMEs play a relevant role in the Spanish economy, did you know that if all SMEs were to close, the GDP and the economy would collapse? That is because SMEs without the pillar of the economy, generating between 60% and 70% of employment, producing 50% of the world’s GDP, according to the UN. But, if this is so, why do SMEs still have problems to grow and to be recognized? Here we will tell you all about SMEs in Spain and why they are so important for the local economy.… Continue reading

The value of a company: factors affecting its valuation

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Knowing the value of a company is of great importance for various situations, such as selling it, merging it or even facing the market in which you operate to know the role your company plays and understand your competition. Although calculating the value of your company can be a complex task, it is not impossible. Find out here how to calculate the value of a company and what are the valuation criteria you should follow, let’s get to it!… Continue reading

Industrial sectors in Spain: in which ones can a foreigner invest?

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Even with the ups and downs of the crisis, Spain is still a country with a growing potential, capable of offering great opportunities to its investors. That said, if you are a foreigner and want to invest in Spain, in this article we will tell you about the most attractive industrial sectors to invest in.… Continue reading

Basic guide to importing to Spain

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Spain’s economy stands out in the Euro Zone and thus represents an excellent option for doing business and establishing commercial relations with the rest of the world. Have you ever thought about importing products to Spain? Read on and find out about the requirements needed to start the process.… Continue reading

The labor market in Spain

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ART 3 FEB (jue) - El mercado laboral en España - PORTADA EN

The labor market in Spain has always been an important issue for people wishing to arrive in the country and remain as residents.… Continue reading