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New labor reform in Spain 2021-2022

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Do you work in the business world in Spain? If you are an entrepreneur or an employee in a company, it is important that you know about the new Spanish labor reform 2021-2022, a regulation that seeks to improve labor relations in the country. Do you know what we are talking about? Then, in this article we will give you the details you need.… Continue reading

Regulation of international telework

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This year a new telework regulation is expected to be approved in Spain and Europe. This modality of work has been adopted by many organizations, but there is still no regulation in law. Below we present the proposed law that the Government has on teleworking.… Continue reading

Regulations for e-commerce in Spain

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Online stores have become a popular alternative and the preferred option for many entrepreneurs over the last few years. In the case of Spain, in order to carry out e-commerce you need to comply with a series of regulations. Do you want to know what they are? Read on to discover what’s new for 2022!

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Basic guide to importing to Spain

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Spain’s economy stands out in the Euro Zone and thus represents an excellent option for doing business and establishing commercial relations with the rest of the world. Have you ever thought about importing products to Spain? Read on and find out about the requirements needed to start the process.… Continue reading

Tax advantages offered by the Canary Islands

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Today, the Canary Islands are an attractive destination for both tourists and entrepreneurs who wish to make a priority in the working world and start their own business. Would you like to incorporate a company in this community? We explain the advantages and requirements to do so!… Continue reading

Tax obligations for the self-employed in Spain 2022

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It is estimated that there are currently around 3 million self-employed in Spain, but what about tax obligations for the self-employed? The labor market has changed over the last few years and in this article we bring you up to date on the taxes you should be aware of in 2022. Do you have any doubts about the forms you need to file? Read on and we will clear up every single one of them!

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