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Step by step to create the payroll of your employees

To create a company it is necessary that you not only study the market and develop a proposal of services or products, but also that you give relevance to your potential workers. Therefore, in this article we take the time to explain how to create the payroll of your employees properly. Do you want to know more about it? Continue reading!

Intra-company transfer in Spain: how to obtain it?

In order to internationalize the economy, the Spanish Government has created the intra-company transfer, which allows the temporary relocation of foreigners in a multinational company located in the country. Would you like to know how to apply for this permit? Do you know what its benefits are? Continue reading this article!

What is ROA and how to calculate it?

Do you know what your company’s ROA is? Discovering this data is a determining factor that will help your business meet the objectives set and obtain the profitability you so desire. So, do you want to learn how to calculate it? We explain how to do it!

Big Data: the evolution of data management

A company, whatever its niche, collects an infinite amount of useful data for its proper functioning at all levels, but mainly for its business development. And, taking into account the incredible amount and complexity of information that it yields, companies urgently needed a powerful tool that could store and process it efficiently, and this is where Big Data emerged. Does this topic catch your attention? Then this article is for you. Let’s get to it.


How to do a correct SWOT analysis for your business strategy

One of the main pillars to raise and maintain your company is the strategy, and the first step to devise an adequate one is to know well the place where you are positioned. That is why the SWOT analysis is one of the basic tools to visualize where you are today and to set the challenges you will have to take on from now on. We want this article to serve as a guide for you to make your SWOT analysis and to propose successful strategies. Let’s get to it!