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The different types of companies in Spain

This guide has been written with the purpose of offering advice, help or support to you, the entrepreneur, who is working to make your business idea prosper in Spain.

Entrepreneur’s guide in Spain

As a reference instrument for all those people who consider create a company, we have elaborated this Practical Entrepreneur Guide that collects all the aspects that the person entrepreneur has to take into account to launch your initiative.

Residency program for investors and entrepreneurs

The mission of this program is to grant visas or residence authorizations through an agile and specific system that facilitates the process of entry and establishment in Spain.

Rent property in Spain as a foreigner

If you are interested in buying a property or a flat, first make sure you have at hand some information

How to rent a place in spain

It is a document that regulates the relationship between the lessee and the owner of the premises or landlord. During this rental process of a premises in Spain,

What is the NIF

What is the NIF for? As we said, the Identification Number Prosecutor is necessary for any type of operation economical, since all of them must be declared to the Tax Agency (AEAT).