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new system
of quotes
for self-employed 2023?

The current situation of the self-employed in Spain is gradually changing due to the new contribution rules that began to be implemented as of January 1 of this year.

The new decree will bring about a major change in the regulations governing self-employed workers..

If you are an entrepreneur who is carrying out your business idea and you have become a freelancer, then it is important that as soon as possible you learn how to abide by the correct rules. . In our new guide The new contributions for the self-employed 2023 you will find all the information you need to know and understand these new contribution brackets, what they consist of and what they mean for you and your business. .

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and find out everything about this new
contribution model for the self-employed.

¿ What contents will you find in this guide??

  • What the new system for the self-employed consists of.
  • Advantages of the new quota system for the self-employed
  • Disadvantages of the new contribution system for the self-employed
  • What are the 15 sections that make up the new contribution model.
  • How to change from one section to another.
  • **This content is suitable for anyone, regardless of academic, socioeconomic or nationality level **

  • How to calculate your performance
  • Change of base when yields vary.
  • What does the flat rate for the new self-employed consist of?
  • Benefits they will obtain from the self-employed contribution this year.

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