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Are there sectors in which it is easier to start a business?

start a business

Are you considering starting a business in Spain? It’s natural to look for opportunities that will provide you with a more accessible path to success. Fortunately, there are sectors in which market conditions and demands can ease the way for entrepreneurs. Do you want to know what these sectors are and how you can capitalize on these advantages to start your business more smoothly? Read on and get valuable information!

The big picture: the imperative of digital transformation in companies 

Opportunities abound when starting a business. Especially for all initiatives and projects focused on the digital transformation of companies. The modernization and streamlining of processes through online solutions have become a necessity for organizations.

We’re talking about process automation, the Internet of Things, online commerce, search engine marketing, social media and more. Any effort that promotes digital transformation when starting a business is better positioned to succeed. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The digitization of Spanish SMEs is one of the objectives of the recovery funds from Europe. In response to the crisis resulting from the pandemic. Therefore, additional resources will be injected into the sector to encourage investments of this nature.
  • In addition to financial support, process modernization has become a priority objective for companies.  They are aware that failure to act in this direction results in a loss of competitiveness.

In addition, digital transformation when starting a business creates a space in the market for entrepreneurs. 

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10 sectors with facilities for business start-ups

Look around you to identify needs and opportunities when starting a business. If something is working in your environment, it means there is demand. For example, if you see that a type of business is thriving in several neighborhoods, but is lacking in one area, that’s your opportunity. However, don’t wait too long.

Analyze the market, the sector and the competition. Validate your idea following the lean startup methodology when starting a business. The most “trendy” sectors this year, according to IEBS School, include:

start a business

Familiarize yourself with the market and be prepared for challenges along the way. A detailed study of the competition, costs, profits and demand is crucial, so get the information and take the plunge! We explain some interesting options: 

Start a venture in the field of renewable energies.

Spain’s external energy dependence and the rising costs of electricity and gas are important focal points. In recent years, the importance of strengthening internal energy generation capacity has increased. 

For this reason, part of Europe’s investments will go to support the implementation of renewable energy systems. Starting a business in this sector would give you this economic advantage. 

Spain in particular possesses valuable natural resources, such as solar and wind energy. Ideal for the generation of this type of energy. As such, the government also has plans to encourage the use of green hydrogen. 

In fact, a call for proposals to finance projects related to this approach is expected to be launched soon. With an endowment of 400 million euros.

Although these ventures involve technological and scientific complexity, it is undeniable that this growing sector will receive support. Both from the public and private sector. Therefore, it is considered a propitious field to start a business.

Renewable energies have subsidies and public financing that can facilitate the establishment of a business in this field.

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Monetizing knowledge through online training: courses, webinars and more

Another field that is conducive to starting a business is the marketing of online education. There are several factors that contribute to the success of this type of venture in a more effective way:

Broad demand for training in various fields

Technological progress requires professionals in any sector to keep up to date. This has generated a greater interest in learning and continuing education on a constant basis. Starting an educational business offers you a wide and constant market.

Widespread acceptance of online services

The pandemic has standardized online education and video conferencing. This has given rise to various tools that allow creators to generate valuable content for their courses simply and inexpensively. Starting a business with hundreds of tools at hand makes the process much easier. 

Reduced initial costs

Once again, we are faced with a business opportunity with few hurdles in terms of upfront costs. 

While it will take time to create an appropriate curriculum, the essence is to sell our knowledge. Only without the need for prior investment. Therefore, it is not essential to have large sums of money to start an online training business.

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Identifying the right sectors with an ideal business opportunity for you can be a decisive factor in your success. Take advantage of favorable market conditions. In addition to the opportunities offered by certain industries in order to start on the road to achieving your business goals.

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