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NIE: Spanish Foreigner Number of Identification

nie-spain-identification-numberAn NIE Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is a tax identification number to be used in Spain.

Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens get issued an NIE. It consists of an ‘X’ or ‘Y’ followed by 7 or 8 digits then another letter.

The NIE is not a fiscal residency identification; you can have a NIE and be fiscal resident in another country.

The NIE number is needed in order to file taxes, buy property, set up a business, open a bank account, and for almost all other forms you fill out. When forming a company, everyone who will be directors and shareholders of the company will need a NIE. This is the first step in forming a company or in buying a shelf company.

start a company in spain

Buying a ready-made company in Spain?

start a company in spainCreating a company in Spain may be long and complicated. Indeed, it is required to carry out many administrative tasks. In order to get an effective company, two or three weeks will be necessary and you will be required to come several times in Spain.

However, there is an alternative to obtain your company in less than 24 hours.

You can buy a ready-made company. They are company previously registered with a view to being sold. They have not registered any activity and are of course free of any debt. They are registered in the Spanish Companies Register with a generic name that you will be able to change.

Commercial lease in Spain

Commercial lease in Spain

Spanish commercial lease, characteristics and specificitiesIf you want to set up your company in Spain, you may need to find commercial premises for your company in order to develop your activity.

In Spain, the leases related to commercial premises have some specific characteristics:

In the commercial lease, a landlord (the Lessor) rent premises to a tenant (the Lessee) for a professional occupation. Since january 1995, the commercial lease is governed by the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos.

Starting up a company in Spain: understanding Spanish key words

Starting up a company in Spain: understanding Spanish key words

vocabulary-creation-business-spain-company-stepsWhen starting up a business in Spain, you will be confronted to several specific Spanish words. This article will enlighten you about those, giving you a definition and the French equivalent.

NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros)

The NIE is the identification number attributed to every foreigner living in Spain. Recent Spanish legislation makes it compulsory for anyone selling or buying property, opening a bank account or creating a company in Spain to have a NIE. Everyone can get this NIE, whether European or not. It is composed of 8 or 9 characters and starts with an “X” or a “Y”.

Why may the global crisis be a great opportunity to set up a company ?

Why may the global crisis be a great opportunity to set up a company ?

undertake- startup business-It is a fact, the word crisis uses to bring essentially pejorative ideas to our mind. But, we must instead consider the current crisis as a real opportunity for new-born entrepreneurs.

Lets list some of the main advantages of undertaking in Spain during the recession period.

  • The main point is the lack of job opportunities. Since a crisis often generates an increase of the unemployment rate, there are a lot of available young or experienced workers over the market. A company may as a consequence be able to have a large choice when recruiting and so recrute high-skilled workers for lower cost. In Spain, the minimum wage is for example twice lower than the French SMIC.

What are the main steps to set up a business in Spain?

What are the main steps to set up a business in Spain?

create-a-business-in-spain-stepsCreate a business in Spain, enlightenment.

In Spain, starting up a business is now very simple. Indeed, in recent years, the government has simplified the process. When using the services of an accounting firm, the creation of your company can be effective within less than 24 hours with the “Rapido Pack” or 8 days with the “Personalized pack”.

Here are the different steps to set up a business in Spain.