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Buying a ready-made company in Spain?

start a company in spainCreating a company in Spain may be long and complicated. Indeed, it is required to carry out many administrative tasks. In order to get an effective company, two or three weeks will be necessary and you will be required to come several times in Spain.

However, there is an alternative to obtain your company in less than 24 hours.

You can buy a ready-made company. They are company previously registered with a view to being sold. They have not registered any activity and are of course free of any debt. They are registered in the Spanish Companies Register with a generic name that you will be able to change.

What are the main advantages of this process?

First, this pack offers a real time economy. You will get your company within less than 24 hours instead of 15 days. All the steps necessary will be simplified and you will be required to spend only one day in Spain.

Then, the major part of the administrative procedure will be already completed. The drafting of the social status, the opening of the bank accounts of the company and the CIF getting (VAT Spanish number) will already have been accomplished.

You will not be required to deposit the 3000 euros necessary to create a Limited Company in Spain.

Finally, this process guarantees you a better confidentiality. In Spain, the Companies Register only keeps the name of the funder of a company in its data base.

Our offer « Pack Rápido » allows you to get your company in Spain in less than 24 hours. It provides many advantages to entrepreneurs who want to create a business in Spain, quickly and safely.

For further information, feel free to contact us!

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Osama Salem
Osama Salem
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I wanna different product from your company

Jonatan Carbonell
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We provide different types of services depending on your project and what you need: company formation in Spain, tax management, accounting management, human resources management, etc.
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