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VAT In Spain: A Recap

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VAT spain

Let’s take a look at VAT or ‘IVA’ rates in Spain and to what they apply. Despite the fact that the government, in an attempt to confront the Spanish economic crisis, increased Spanish VAT in 2012 by 3 points, the tax rates still remains lower than the European average of 21.13%. … Continue reading

Understanding Spanish Business Terms: Definitions

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spanish business terms The difference between Spanish business terms or abbreviations and their equivalents in English can sometimes be both confusing and misleading. We, at TAS Consultoría, have decided to create a short information sheet here on our blog to help you better understand and grasp these vital terms so that you can hopefully use that correctly and appropriately during your business endeavours and your everyday life in Spain.Continue reading

Calculating Personal Income Tax in Spain: our top tips for Entrepreneurs

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personal income tax Knowing how to calculate your Personal Income Tax

If you are an English entrepreneur in Spain, your company falls under foreign, and often difficult to understand, laws. Read on to find out how to pay your personal income tax according to these regulations, how to calculate it, when to pay it and of course, how best to anticipate this amount.… Continue reading

Ready to invest in Spanish property? Make sure to follow these tips:

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property in Spain Since the dramatic drop in housing prices in Spain in 2008, it’s hardly surprising that so many foreigners are keen to invest in Spanish real estate. Why not invest in a 3 bed, beach-facing villa in Valencia rather than that minuscule London studio you were previously considering?

If you do decide to purchase a property and invest in Spain, be sure to follow these vital steps for completing your transaction without any problems or hassle.… Continue reading

Costs of buying a property in Spain.

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costWhen buying a property in Spain, no matter if it’s a new property or a resale property, you will have a number of costs and taxes which you will have to pay, in addition to the property price. It is important to take into account all costs when buying a property.

Below is a summary of the different real-estate costs that you will have to pay in Spain.Continue reading

5 things you should know before buying an apartment in Spain.

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MagnifyingGlassHomeInvesting your money in the Spanish real estate has become quite popular in recent years due to the rise in property value and low interest rates. As always, though, when you make an investment, try and avoid impulse buying.

So to make sure that all goes to plan, here is what you should know in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.… Continue reading

Reduced Social Security contributions for permanent contracts in Spain!

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Lo-que-no-nos-dicen-de-la-Tarifa-plana-Real-Decreto-ley-3-2014-de-28-de-febrero-IIA new reform, based on the Royal Decree – Law 3/2014, published on March 1st, came into force in order to stimulate economic growth and help create stable jobs to reduce unemployment in Spain.

The Spanish government announced a reduction of 100 euros a month in social contributions for the first two years for companies that recruit new employees regardless of their age on permanent contracts.… Continue reading

New labor reforms : Why it’s the right moment to invest in Spain!

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g_llaves_manosOn December 22, 2013 new measures were taken by the Spanish government. This reform reinforces the benefits of Spanish taxation and strongly encourages entrepreneurship in Spain.

Although Spain is on its way out of the crisis, the opportunities that it has generated are still very much relevant. Indeed, if economic crises bring their share of difficulties, they are also full of opportunities for entrepreneurs.… Continue reading

How to buy a property in Spain safely

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invest-house-spainForeigners buying property in Spain is becoming very popular. Since 2008, housing prices have fallen dramatically in Spain, which is why foreigners are very fond of the Spanish property market.

Why not take this opportunity to own a property on the other side of the Pyrenees? Find in this section all the things you need to know when buying a property in Spain.… Continue reading

A preliminary draft law to support entrepreneurs in Spain

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support-entrepreneurship-in-spainIn February 2013, the Spanish government adopted an array of measures in order to develop and stimulate entrepreneurship in Spain. These measures are a boon for entrepreneurs who enjoy financial and tax benefits for their business in Spain.

The purpose of these measures is to encourage Spanish and foreigners entrepreneurs to invest in Spain. The Spanish government wants to facilitate the entrepreneurship and the employment of young people in Spain.

Four months later, the Spanish government is back with the intention to approve a draft law for entrepreneurs. Indeed, this new draft law to support entrepreneurs includes numerous measures. The purpose of this draft law is to make entrepreneurship more accessible and to encourage young people to start their own business in Spain.Continue reading

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