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Insurance for foreigners in Spain

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The Spanish territory, because it belongs to the Schengen zone, has some fundamental requirements for foreigners to enter the country, among these is to have a medical insurance that guarantees a coverage of 30,000 euros for illness, accident or death. But how to make sure, and what insurance is necessary to reside in Spain? find out below.… Continue reading

Basic guide to tourism in Spain

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You’ve finally been given the vacation you’ve been waiting for, and one of your plans is to travel to Spain and enjoy your days off. In TAS Consultancy we know the Spanish scene quite well, so in this article we tell you the basic things you should take into account if you plan to go sightseeing in the country.… Continue reading

The new normal: the European Union’s digital COVID certificate

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The COVID-19 pandemic became present in 2020 and gave rise to the establishment of various health control regulations worldwide. In the case of Spain, it is currently governed by a regulation called digital COVID certificate of the European Union. Have you heard about it? Would you like to know how to obtain it? Stay with us and continue reading!… Continue reading

The evolution of the female labor market in Spain

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Over the years, the incorporation of women into the labor market has been a fact that has contributed to transforming the economic reality worldwide. In the case of Spain, we can witness an important change in the active population and in the associated laws that protect women. So, do you want to know more about the evolution of employment in Spain and female participation? Continue reading this article!… Continue reading

VAT rates in Spain [2022]: summary of new updates

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Every year, entrepreneurs and freelancers are faced with paying taxes. Last January 1, the new state budget came into force, which means an increase in the rate of payment. In the following article, you will find the updates in the VAT rates in Spain and how much you have to pay. See which one applies to your activity.

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Tax obligations for the self-employed in Spain 2022

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It is estimated that there are currently around 3 million self-employed in Spain, but what about tax obligations for the self-employed? The labor market has changed over the last few years and in this article we bring you up to date on the taxes you should be aware of in 2022. Do you have any doubts about the forms you need to file? Read on and we will clear up every single one of them!

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Big Data: the evolution of data management

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A company, whatever its niche, collects an infinite amount of useful data for its proper functioning at all levels, but mainly for its business development. And, taking into account the incredible amount and complexity of information that it yields, companies urgently needed a powerful tool that could store and process it efficiently, and this is where Big Data emerged. Does this topic catch your attention? Then this article is for you. Let’s get to it.

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B Corp: what is it and how to become one?

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Today’s companies have to keep up with too many things, but few are as important in the medium and long term as sustainability and commitment to the environment. For this reason, being a B company, or a B Corp is one of the aspirations that many companies are currently facing. In this article we tell you what this new trend is all about and how you could sign up for your company to be part of this movement. So, let’s get to it.… Continue reading

How to do a correct SWOT analysis for your business strategy

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One of the main pillars to raise and maintain your company is the strategy, and the first step to devise an adequate one is to know well the place where you are positioned. That is why the SWOT analysis is one of the basic tools to visualize where you are today and to set the challenges you will have to take on from now on. We want this article to serve as a guide for you to make your SWOT analysis and to propose successful strategies. Let’s get to it!… Continue reading

What is a patent and how to obtain it in Spain?

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Are you one of those who have decided to start 2022 with a new business idea? If you are thinking of creating a product or service that can have an industrial application, then taking out its patent is your best alternative.

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