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Profitable business in Spain 2022

Starting your own business requires proper planning and constant work, but the big challenge comes when you seek to position yourself in the market and obtain satisfactory profits. Would you like to know which are the most profitable businesses in Spain for this 2022? Stay with us and continue reading to discover them!

What is a profitable business?

If you are thinking of starting your own business in Spain, you are probably interested in making it profitable, aren’t you? But what does it really mean for a business to be profitable?

When we talk about profitability, we refer to the fact that something may be able to generate certain benefits that in relation to the effort made to obtain it is convenient.

In this sense, the idea is that you focus on a business that can produce adequate profits and reward all the time and dedication previously invested.


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Why start a business in Spain?

More and more people are encouraged to start their own businesses in Spain or to update the strategies in their companies to make them profitable, and with the advent of the digital era, many entrepreneurs have excelled in this field.

Spain is an attractive country for foreigners to start a new business idea, as it offers an undeniable quality of life, a solid economic, industrial, commercial and urban infrastructure.


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 What are the most profitable businesses in 2022?

So, are we already convincing you and you like the idea of starting your own business? You won’t regret it! Here are the 5 sectors that are at the top of the trends for this year and some ideas you can take.


The food industry is estimated to be one of the most viable options for 2022, because in addition to satisfying a physiological need, the idea of living a gastronomic experience and sharing with family and friends is attractive to us.

Therefore, businesses that involve healthy food and craft beers are an excellent option.  In addition, food bikes are an alternative that has become very popular in recent years, as they combine the ecological, economic and urban within reach of two wheels.


And of course digital transformation makes the technology sector a profitable and booming business. Any ideas you can start? Here are four of our favorites:

Mobile application development

Nowadays, most companies have an app related to their commerce, so why not make their job easier and dedicate yourself to this business model?

Virtual assistance

This profile is increasingly in demand in Spanish companies. In addition, with the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, teleworking gained more strength and the presence of virtual assistants was highly demanded.

So, you consider yourself an organized, responsible and proactive person? Offering this service could be your opportunity.


Digital assets have become fashionable, but the lack of knowledge on the subject and the risk associated with them means that for many people it is not a profitable idea.

However, if you have the right skills then this is your opportunity to help the population and profit by offering services such as: cryptocurrency trader or cryptocurrency advisor for financial companies.


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If e-commerce sounds appealing to you, then dropshipping is the variant you need. This technique is associated with great profitability, as you will be an intermediary between the end customer and the supplier of the product.

You can start with a low investment and save on employee and management costs. However, you must be sure to find the right partners and keep your orders well organized so as not to disappoint your customers.

3. Art and design

For those who have that creative streak, the artistic world will be a good idea to generate income.

You will be able to redesign objects, create customized products, and even offer services such as photography and video production, which are in high demand in the country today.

4. Fashion and textile

The textile industry is definitely appealing to the Spanish population, so we bring you a business idea that you can apply: focus on vintage and sustainable fashion.

This concept is moving more and more people, because it involves taking care of the environment and makes you look fantastic. Let’s say it combines the best of both worlds!

And of course, don’t overlook the sports move; margins are usually very good and there will always be a market to offer that style of clothing (or rather, lifestyle).

5. Logistics and transportation

Immediacy is one of the main demands of today’s consumers, which makes the transportation and logistics sector the perfect partner for several businesses, by speeding up the purchasing process.

But what could you do? Simple! Offer services as a driver for home delivery of packages or become the food delivery that everyone asks for because it arrives faster than the rest.

And, if you’re thinking big, you can run your own transportation chain and track online deliveries to your audience.


Now that we have given you all these fantastic ideas, do you dare to start a business and invest in Spain? What are you waiting for? Are you worried about the legal formalities? Visit our website and check out our business services, we make your days easier and help your business grow!


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