VAT In Spain: A Recap

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VAT spain

Let’s take a look at VAT or ‘IVA’ rates in Spain and to what they apply. Despite the fact that the government, in an attempt to confront the Spanish economic crisis, increased Spanish VAT in 2012 by 3 points, the tax rates still remains lower than the European average of 21.13%.  Read more

Managing Diversity : Different Cultures in the Workplace

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When you choose to relocate your company or start up a business abroad, there are a number of factors you will need to take into account in terms of how different countries, and more specifically different cultures, function. This could involve differences in tax, accounting, management etc. However, what about considering the inevitable challenge of managing diversity of cultures within your office? Read more

Real Estate in Spain: Why Invest in Madrid

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madridReal estate investment is an attractive one for many reasons. Matthias Naumann reveals why Spain, more specifically Madrid, provides a great location in which to do so. Read more

How to Differentiate Between a Social and Fiscal Residence in Spain

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social fiscal residence A company should have 2 different addresses. One to determine and identify where the business activity itself takes place and another for taxation purposes. As a business owner, you will need to fully and thoroughly understand the difference between the two if you’re wanting to start a company on Spanish soil.  Read more

Understanding Spanish Business Terms: Definitions

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spanish business terms The difference between Spanish business terms or abbreviations and their equivalents in English can sometimes be both confusing and misleading. We, at TAS Consultoría, have decided to create a short information sheet here on our blog to help you better understand and grasp these vital terms so that you can hopefully use that correctly and appropriately during your business endeavours and your everyday life in Spain. Read more

Intra Community VAT Number: What, How and Who

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intra community VAT

All About Intra Community VAT

This Tax number and system can sometimes be a little tricky to fully understand properly. Here is a short summary on what is it, how it applies and to whom it applies.

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Calculating Personal Income Tax in Spain: our top tips for Entrepreneurs

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personal income tax Knowing how to calculate your Personal Income Tax

If you are an English entrepreneur in Spain, your company falls under foreign, and often difficult to understand, laws. Read on to find out how to pay your personal income tax according to these regulations, how to calculate it, when to pay it and of course, how best to anticipate this amount.

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All about the Tax Changes in Spain for 2016

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Tax-Spain-2016Personal Income Tax and General Spanish Taxation in 2016

Spanish taxation and rates change annually. The government adjusts its tax policy every year according to the state of the country’s economy, to the competition with other countries, to currency etc. Therefore, the tax rate can change a few percentage points from one year to the next. The difference is minimal in terms of the numbers themselves but from the taxpayer’s point of view or from a business perspective, the financial difference can be significant.

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Ready to invest in Spanish property? Make sure to follow these tips:

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property in Spain Since the dramatic drop in housing prices in Spain in 2008, it’s hardly surprising that so many foreigners are keen to invest in Spanish real estate. Why not invest in a 3 bed, beach-facing villa in Valencia rather than that minuscule London studio you were previously considering?

If you do decide to purchase a property and invest in Spain, be sure to follow these vital steps for completing your transaction without any problems or hassle.

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