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Key aspects for a company’s international expansion

Expansión internacional

Una de las formas más importantes de crecimiento empresarial en la actualidad es la expansión internacional de las empresas. ¿Estás listo para dar este paso? ¿Sabes qué tener en cuenta en este tipo de estrategia? ¡Quédate con nosotros y descubre las claves del éxito!

Causes and procedures for the dissolution of companies

Disolución de sociedades

La disolución de cualquier sociedad es una situación compleja que debe ser analizada con detenimiento para comprender las causas que permiten su disolución. No se puede abordar con ningún pretexto, sino que debe existir causa legítima, acuerdo de la Junta General o resolución judicial. ¿Quieres entender todo sobre la disolución de sociedades, sus causas y procedimientos? Entonces, únase a nosotros hasta el final de este artículo.

What is the new Grandchildren’s Law in Spain about?

Did you know that there is now a new way to acquire Spanish nationality without having to reside in the country for a minimum period of time? That’s right! Through the Law of Grandchildren, the descendants of Spaniards of origin can obtain this benefit and begin to enjoy life in Spain legally. Would you like to know more details about it? We tell you more about this regulation, below!

Upcoming events for startups and entrepreneurs in Spain [2022]

Events are slowly making a comeback, and what better way to keep up to date than by attending them? This 2022 there will be many interesting events for startups and entrepreneurs that will allow them to keep up to date with their sector, do a lot of networking and meet the competition. Do you want to know what is the agenda of events for startups and entrepreneurs in Spain for the remaining period of this 2022? See here which of all the available events you can attend and connect with the startup ecosystem, Come on!