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Non-Residents Taxation in Spain

Non-Residents Taxation in Spain

Tax-iStock_000015074734Large1Taxation : who is considered as a Spanish non-resident?

In order to determine the tax residence of an individual or company, several factors must be evaluated. I encourage you to read this article dealing with the tax residence. You will find in this article some interesting information. If you do not match with these terms, then you are a Spanish tax non-resident.

Do non-residents have to pay taxes in Spain?

Real Estate in Spain: it is time to invest!

Real Estate in Spain: it is time to invest!

Realestate-8Spanish Real Estate prices have collapsed since 2008 as a result of the burst of the Real Estate bubble.

Spain is currently experiencing a Real Estate crisis unprecedented. After having more than doubled during the first years of 21st century,

Since 2008, prices have already decreased by 15% in Barcelona, 22% in Andalusia and 25% in Baleares and Canarias. According to specialists, the top decrease occurs in the Mediterranean costs area, such as the Costa del Sol, where prices have collapsed by 35%.

Spain, among business and pleasure

Enjoying a paella with your business colleagues, having a walk on the seaside or working in high-quality premises: make the most of your business life in Spain !

Feel free to share your Spanish business experiences with us !

resident for tax purposes in spain

Becoming resident for tax purposes in Spain? How and why?

taxation-residence-spainWho can be resident for tax purposes in Spain?

First, we must differentiate European and non-European citizens. Indeed, only European citizens may live in Spain and become aSpanish tax resident. People from other countries cannot live nor obtain the tax residence in Spain. What are the conditions to become Spanish tax resident? The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD considers 3 criterions to determine the tax residence of an individual.

Spain: Business and Holidays

Spain: Business and Holidays

Holidays and days off in SpainYou are running a business in Spain and your employees are tired and want to know when will be on holidays ? 

Lets consider now the Spanish holidays and days off. They may be important when establishing your annual planning.

Here are the official days off and holidays period for 2012.

Keep yourself informed of the Spanish news

Keep yourself informed of the Spanish news

Spanish business newsEvery entrepreneur and company manager in Spain should keep informed with the global and national news. Indeed, some events or changes in the social, political or economical background could have an significant impact on your company´s activity and development.

However, it is true that the language may constitute an obstacle when trying to read the national or regional newspaper. Here are some major websites prodiving information about Spain and Cataluña in English.