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Holidays and days off in SpainYou are running a business in Spain and your employees are tired and want to know when will be on holidays ? 

Lets consider now the Spanish holidays and days off. They may be important when establishing your annual planning.

Here are the official days off and holidays period for 2012.



  • January, Friday 6th,  Kings (Reyes)
  •  April, Friday 6th, Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
  •  April, Monday 9th, Pascua (Pascua Florida)
  •  May, Tuesday 1st, Labor Day (Fiesta del Trabajo)
  • August, Wednesday 15th , (la Asunción)
  • September, Tuesday 11th , Catalonya National Holiday (Fiesta Nacional de Cataluña)
  • October, Friday 12th , Spain National Holiday (Fiesta Nacional de España)
  • November, Thursday 1st , All Saints (Todos los Santos)
  • December, Thursday 6th , Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución)
  •  December, Saturday 8th, The Inmaculate (La Inmaculada)
  • December, Tuesday 25th , Christmas (Navidad)
  •  December, Wednesday 26th, Sant Esteban (San Esteban)

Besides those national holidays, there could be other regional and local days off. Those can be paid or unpaid, according to each town council.

Hope this will help you when planning your business strategy !

Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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