Spain, strategic location for international trade

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spain, latin america: gate for business and tradeMember of the European Union, Spain has become an advantageous location for global entrepreneurs: it offers a gate to Europa for American entrepreneurs on one hand and a gate to America for European businessmen on another hand.

Spain, a gate to Europa ! Spain counts 46 million inhabitants, unequally distributed over the peninsula. It is the fifth European economy and is one of the most developed countries of the Union. It offers high development and education levels: telecommunication system, highly educated human resources, know-how, top purchasing power, etc.

Spain mainly shares a cultural closeness with Latin America

The country has a wide transport network. Thanks to its 53 international ports and 33 international airports, it provides easiness to optimally develop an industrial or commercial activity.

It also has been member of the European community since 1986 and is member of the European Union since its creation in 1992.

Composed of 7 countries, the European Union stretches over 4 million squared kilometers and counts 495 million inhabitants.

The EU shares a single currency: the Euro. In 2012, the euro keeps been overvalued against the Dollar and is points out to be a strong currency for the international exchanges.

The Union is overall a settled commercial market, full of opportunities. It is the world’s first exporter of goods.

Then, the investment in the Union European becomes an asset for global and American entrepreneurs. It helps winning new markets, getting better production or commercial techniques and benefiting from a dynamic and wide market to improve its activity influence.

Spain, a gate to Latin America

On its side, Latin America constitutes a growing territory with high development. Indeed, the region turns out to be an emerging power and is one of the most dynamic areas with Asia. The economic growth, the high demand, the low debt rate and the endless natural resources turns Latin America into a high potential area.

Spain in Europe

Spain is finally an advantageous place to settle in Europe or to reach new markets. You can set up a company or a subsidiary in Spain easily and quickly. Our office provides you a daily and personal assistance in the creation of your company process, and ensures you the optimal fulfillment of your projects.

Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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