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spanish-business-environmentYou are entrepreneur and you want to start up your business? 

What about Spain? Let’s have a look at the Spanish business environment: labor force availability, telecommunication costs, access and transports quality, real estate prices, labor costs, ect.

Availability and low labor costs

The unemployment in Spain has been increasing for the last couple years and affects now about 25% of working people. It means that there are plenty of graduated and new graduated workers available and looking for a job in the Spanish labor market. As a company owner in Spain, you will be able to undertake a highly selective recruitment campaign and finally to meet the employees best suited for your business. Let’s us note that Spain is the 4th ranked country in term of qualified population. In addition, with a 600-euro minimum wage, Spain offers labor costs much cheaper than the other big European economies.

Real estate price

In average, a square meter for commercial premises costs 500 euros per year in Madrid. This appears to be really cheaper than in other European cities: 1900 euro in London, 900 euros in Moscow or 800 in Paris. The availability is high and you will not have any difficulty finding the ideal location to settle your company in Madrid or Barcelona.


Quality and cost of living in Spain

The Cushman & Wakefield’s survey European Cities Monitor provides a ranking of Europe’s major business cities. The 2011 edition established Barcelona as the best city in terms of quality of life for employees for entrepreneurs and employees (Madrid is the 5th). Barcelona and Madrid are also respectively the third and fifth best business location to create a company.

The costs of energy and communication in Spain are very cheaper than the European’s average. It constitutes a real advantage when running a business in Spain.

Besides those business considerations, Spain provides a pleasant quality of life: climate, landscapes, sea sides, etc.

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Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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