Heat wave in Spain: how does it affect companies?

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We have already said that the welfare of your employees is summarized in the welfare of your company, isn’t it? And, definitely, an event such as the heat wave in Spain can affect different aspects of our daily work life. Are you interested in this topic? Continue reading this article and find out more!

What is a heat wave?

When you hear someone say that a heat wave has arrived, they are referring to the presence of an extremely high temperature; meaning that the maximum and minimum temperatures are exceeded or equal for a given period of time in a geographic area.

In this regard, experts say that heat waves have become more intense over the years due to man-made climate change, and European countries tend to be increasingly affected.

Likewise, it is important to understand that the thresholds to differentiate the common summer heat and the presence of a heat wave in Spain may vary depending on the region where you are, and must last at least the maximum temperature for three consecutive days.

How does the heat wave affect workers?

When the heat wave appears, it generates a situation from which you cannot escape, both personally and at work.

Have you witnessed lower performance within organizations? Do you know of any cases of heat stress? These are just some of the consequences of the heat wave in Spain.

Thus, this atmospheric phenomenon not only affects the environment, but also the health of workers; it can have severe consequences such as: dehydration, headaches, shocks, cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

In addition, the body’s means of controlling its internal temperature often fail, and the body begins to increase blood flow and produce sweat.

On the other hand, scientists state that it is considered a risky situation when temperatures exceeding 30º C are witnessed in shady places, not to mention the effects generated by the humidity factor above 70%.

While it is true that work activities such as construction and public works require workloads and greater effort due to direct exposure to the sun, office workers often suffer from low work productivity.

According to the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo (National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work), heat contributes to a decrease in workers’ perception, attention and memory capacity, which is why business performance is compromised.

However, with regard to these indoor works, the Spanish Society of Pneumonia and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) states that about 20% of the respiratory problems that occur in summer are caused by the inadequate use of air conditioning.


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How to combat the heat wave in companies?

Understanding the negative effects of the heat wave in Spain, it is important for companies to take preventive actions and measures. Some of them may be:

Ensuring adequate hydration for employees

Make sure you have water dispensers supplied throughout the workday so that your workers can hydrate themselves at any time, without waiting to be thirsty. Also, providing water bottles within the company is an ideal option.

Readjust work schedules

Some companies choose to organize their work in a different way, starting the workday earlier and ending it earlier, thus avoiding that the day becomes heavier in the middle of the day due to the need to carry out activities that require meetings with managers or important decisions.

Labor flexibility

A hybrid work model is ideal to avoid prolonged exposure to the heat wave in Spain within the business environment. You can offer the opportunity to fulfill certain activities from home, and improve the performance of your team.

On the other hand, within organizations, heavy solitary work can be avoided, breaks can be increased and more frequent hydration can be promoted.


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Awareness campaigns

Although it may seem obvious to many, to prevent situations that compromise the health of your workers, it is advisable to provide adequate information from human resources to inform staff on how to act to avoid heat stroke and to recognize that moments of rest will be necessary more than at other times of the year.

Task organization

The company’s objectives and goals should not be slowed down or affected by the presence of a heat wave. Therefore, training employees to be able to divide responsibilities and work for the well-being of the company is essential during high temperatures.

Having the right equipment

In addition to rotating the activities to be carried out outdoors, before the arrival of summer and a possible heat wave in Spain, as team leader, you must provide for the proper functioning of ventilation equipment, air conditioners, duct cleaning, among others.


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As a business owner it is important that you have the necessary measures and information for each employee to be able to react in time to an atmospheric event such as the heat wave in Spain. Would you like to read more articles that advise you on the welfare of your business? Click here and enter our blog now!


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