10 types of customers you will find in your company

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One of the most important factors when owning a business is knowing how to identify customers and how to act depending on their behavior. It is normal that we find from loyal customers to the company, to those customers who are a little conflictive. That’s why you can’t miss this article to recognize the different types of customers, their characteristics and how you should deal with them.


Is it important to know the customer well?

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Knowing how to deal with each type of customer is essential for them to become recurrent in your business and continue consuming these goods and services, since it is clear that without them your company cannot function. Therefore, it is vital that as a manager of your company or entrepreneur, you understand that the clientele is one of the most important things to study and deal with so that your company can function optimally and be successful.

And the fact is that not all customers are the same, absolutely all customers are different from each other, even if they meet a certain type of characteristics and are classified by their behavior, all customers are different, so a key to dealing with customers is the rapid adaptation to them.

Priority number 1: Study your customers

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Investing time in customer research is one of the top priorities in business decisions, and companies that make this type of customer-focused investment tend to be more successful than those that do not. According to Dimension Data, 84% of companies report higher revenue when they conduct research and implement strategies to improve the customer experience.

On the other hand, according to a study conducted by Business Insider, approximately 12 positive experiences are needed to compensate for 1 bad customer experience. And, if we analyze the customer experience, it does not stay with the customer, they generally tell their friends, family, colleagues, etc. about their experiences with the company. For example, according to a study by Temkin, 77% of consumers who have a good user experience recommend the company’s treatment, product or service to a friend.

For these reasons, the marketing strategies of companies should be focused on the customer, on providing, in addition to a good quality product or service, an experience that differentiates from the rest of the competition in order to attract more customers and form a pleasant community for consumers, and thus, to benefit from all the advantages that this entails.


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So, let’s get down to business and get to know the different types of customers you might encounter and their main characteristics. Take note so you can analyze and conduct your own studies in your company.

What are the types of customers and their characteristics?

1. Loyal customer

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The one who undoubtedly prefers you, is that customer who, due to his experiences as a consumer of your products and services, is very satisfied, so he always comes back and keeps on consuming.

This type of customer is the one that, no matter what happens, you have to do everything to keep them, since they help your company by recommending your products or services to other people.

2. Aggressive customer

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On the other hand, we have the aggressive customer. This type of customer must be treated in a very cautious and patient manner since they are predisposed to argue with anyone. You have to try to solve the inconveniences they have in a respectful way, remember that, as we mentioned above, it takes 12 positive experiences to compensate 1 bad one, and that customers generally share their user experience with their social circle.

Not everyone has the patience to deal with aggressive customers, so you should consider who may be the people within the company who know how to deal better with these customers, since it is preferable to pass their attention to a person who knows how to deal with them, than for the customer to have a bad experience.

Keep in mind that generally customers become aggressive when some of their needs have not been satisfied with the product or service they are consuming, so, by solving their problems and gaining their trust, you can make these customers become loyal customers.

3. Knowledgeable customer

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This type of customer are those who have already studied and know very well the product they are looking for. For this reason, it is very common for them to ask many questions about the service to know that the company is trustworthy and that they know what they are selling, or that they are not selling some kind of imitation.

It is necessary that you maintain a professional and very precise conversation to meet the customer’s needs and clarify all doubts about the product. Generally these clients, when they see the professionalism of the company, tend to turn again to your products or services.


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4. Impatient customers

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Other types of customers that you will encounter in your company are the impatient ones, they, as their name suggests, do not want to waste time shopping and need to quickly obtain the product or service they are looking for. It is necessary to offer valuable information quickly and concisely to these customers, since they have no patience and want all their doubts to be solved in a short time.

Dealing with this type of customers can be a bit difficult and exhausting, you need to be patient and show empathy with them. These customers, if you solve all their doubts and manage to satisfy their needs in an efficient way, can become recurrent in the company.

5. Mercenary customers

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These customers usually have little commitment to the company. They simply look for the product that has the lowest price, without taking into account the quality of the product. It should be noted that these customers are generally classified in three ways, these are:


Switchers are those who are not loyal to almost any company, they only go for those products that are on promotion and have a low price.


Negotiators are those who have a number of brands that they generally buy from, and they jump from brand to brand depending on their prices at the time.

Price sensitive:

These types of customers simply buy the lowest priced product.

6. Indifferent customers

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These types of customers are difficult to convince, they usually do not generate any kind of feedback with the product. In order to attract this type of customer your salesmanship must be high, since you will have to express all the benefits that your product offers and try to convince them to buy.


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7. Undecided customers

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These types of customers often find it difficult to choose among the different alternatives on the market. They are a bit difficult to convince since they are not very good at choosing one product among many.

To deal with these customers it is necessary to be precise and give valuable information, you must solve the customer’s doubts and be very patient, since the conversation will probably be very long.

8. Dissatisfied customers

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One of the customers you should pay more attention to are the unsatisfied customers. As the name suggests, these customers did not satisfy all their needs with the product you have offered them, so you should look for a solution.

To deal with these customers you must be very attentive and analyze very well why your product could not meet all the customer’s needs. You must also be very meticulous with the words you use and always apologize for the inconvenience caused.

9. Customers without knowledge

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These customers usually do not know very well what they are looking for, they have an inconclusive idea about what they need. Patience is a key factor in dealing with these customers, you must deduce what they are looking for and offer possible solutions. Generally these customers are not very price driven, they simply want to find what they are looking for and buy it at once.

10. Stubborn customers

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Regularly these customers believe they are right about everything they are saying. It is very normal that every once in a while a customer comes along who does not accept what you are saying no matter how right you are, they are 100% confident that they are right.

Well, as with the previous types of customers, patience is vital, in many cases, the best option is to simply give them the reason and they will finalize the purchase.


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And now, are you willing to get to know your customers better?

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Tener una buena comunicación y saber cómo tratar con cada tipo de clientes que te vas a encontrar en tu empresa es fundamental para que puedan tener una buena experiencia de cliente. No olvidemos que con una buena experiencia del cliente el porcentaje de que terminen consumiendo tu producto o servicio incrementa considerablemente, además de que compartirán su experiencia con sus amigos y contribuirán positivamente con tu empresa. ¡No olvides seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales y leer nuestros otros artículos en nuestra página web!


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