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How to start the digital transformation in your company

Major changes begin with actions that lead us to a change, for this, and in order to update you in the new market requirements, you can start with renewing the teamwork, that is, that you consider that the digital transformation is nothing more than adapting your company to the demands of today’s commerce.

To make this path more bearable, whether you are planning it, or you already have it underway, you have steps that will help you achieve the necessary renewal successfully. These are specified in this post to guide you to do it, using the lean methodology, that is to say, to do it with the minimum necessary resources.

Road to change to achieve digital transformation

Remember that the main enemy you will get to take action is resistance. This is reflected in the uncertainty that arises in the face of unforeseen events. So it is convenient that you know that 1 in 3 Spanish companies is ready to start the digital transformation. Since they are aware of the modifications to the paradigm that is currently presented. Therefore, you should update and know the new consumption habits of the Spanish for this 2021, as they have presented a trend towards digital commerce.

We want to help you so that your company begins to address the digital transformation. Keep in mind that it is not only about renewing obsolete technologies, but also about emphasizing a radical change in the business culture, where it is a priority to define a comprehensive and long-term strategy.

Steps to address Digital Transformation

  1. Change corporate culture and internal organization

First of all, you must renew the corporate culture and internal organization in order to successfully approach the digital transformation process of your company. Remember that this is a comprehensive process, so it must include abrupt changes, which will have as a priority to meet the needs and demands of customers whose consumption habits have changed completely.

Keep in mind that obsolete models and planning are no longer adapted to current requirements, which demand a high competitiveness in products and services, thus being a priority to have a clear leadership of the CEO and senior management, so you must develop a corporate culture whose leadership prioritizes the adoption of new business strategies.

  1. Supporting new talents

As a complement to the challenges that your company requires, you need to incorporate professional staff that demonstrate a specialized profile in new technologies such as: Data Scientist, Scrum Master, Digital Architect or a Global Communications & Strategic Relations Manager. In addition, you must adapt the recruitment process as needed in the company, taking into account the remuneration and the elements of motivation and engagement.

It is advisable to implement strategies that lead to get, and retain, suitable people who present or have the required talent profile.

  1. Renewing the IT Department

One of the departments in need of profound changes is Information Technology (IT). Since, its systems and architectures must be complemented in order to develop solutions for the digital world.

It should be noted that the traditional part of this department can be kept, which will be focused on the Legacy systems department. However, it is necessary to develop a flexible digital part that allows digital innovation.

It is ideal to take advantage of the crisis to renew ourselves and change our habits, remember that the only trend is change, which forces us to keep updated.

  1. Create an environment of innovation inside and outside the company.

Another important point is to keep in mind that it is necessary to implement strategies which promote innovation within the organization, taking into account the impact of this initiative.

  1. Accepting the new competitive context

It is necessary to define the value proposition that will face the new disruptive startups, since it is not only about renewing the existing technology, but also about offering added value to customers in online sales, such as: feasibility, promotions, responsibility, online payments, personalized attention, positioning in networks, among other criteria. In this competitive context, it is important to differentiate oneself from the competition, and for this, the success achieved by Airbnb, Amazon and Uber, which were able to visualize their transformation by focusing on online business, can serve as a frame of reference.

With this new business vision, personalized experiences are obtained in real time with people, as a result, an interrelationship or engagement with the brand is achieved, thus uniting the strategies within digital marketing.

Attract new customers and retain existing ones

With the digital transformation, companies have a series of technological options that allow them to attract new customers and keep existing ones, some of these options are applications: Big Data software, Artificial Intelligence, among others. Their function is to provide companies with information on the pattern of habits and behaviors that buyers present, in addition, they identify the predominant trends when making decisions regarding their purchases.

By using these applications your company can develop strategies that lead to create authentic and personalized experiences with the user, also allow you to develop exclusive campaigns where there is segmentation of offers, promotions and more.

Minimize costs

It should be taken into account that the transformation of digital technology in companies is considered one of the best economic opportunities, since it allows eliminating unnecessary expenses that provide little or no results. It also leads to implement changes in the internal communication of the company through the applications, which allows to streamline decisions, and as a result, increases productivity and therefore income.

The company’s information storage will no longer require a local infrastructure, but will be available in the cloud, thus remaining available at any time and place. This new form of information storage reduces hardware and software costs. Of course, it must be taken into account that before any change that the company presents, the most important must be the training of employees, being this available through e-learning platforms, which allows it to be done online.

Streamlines decision making

The novelty of digital transformation is the power to manage insights, in addition to processing a large amount of data, which offers a wide range of possibilities allowing you to make the best decision in the face of a challenge or problem, taking into consideration that the solution is able to deliver value to the consumer, positively impacting your business.

Improve employee productivity and performance

The factors that are directly related to each other are: productivity and technology, that is, they are resources that are applied in the work environment obtaining the interrelation of personnel with their performance in the organization. This can be seen in the digital transformation when new processes, activities and developments are implemented, turning work into a more productive dynamic.

Among the results of digital transformation in the work environment are:

  • Better alignment of teams, resulting in faster and more accurate customer service.

  • Automation of processes and workflows, freeing employees from more complex work and driving them to pursue greater innovation.

  • Faster incident escalation and resolution.

  • Greater organizational transparency.

  • Remote work through the use of cloud resources.

  • Process automation to reduce manual work.

  • Access to information in real time.

  • Taking decisive actions in an agile way, based on data and predictive analytics.

Working in the digital environment

Working in a digital environment generates challenging practices that lead to experimentation and learning tests, so you will need to keep an open mind that is based on data, and even on the possibility of change in the organizational culture of the company, which will promote a new way of developing work.

The goal of this transformation is to consciously collaborate for this change to happen efficiently, but remember that you are not alone in this process, because you have tools that will allow you to thrive in this new ecosystem, adapting to the integration of the company with the market and digital consumers.

Increase brand visibility

For your company to have a good SEO positioning, you will not only need to offer an excellent product, but to make online sales you must be visible, that is, you have to attract the attention of consumers, and for this you must know the right time and place, and also make use of the platforms and digital media available to impose your brand.

It is convenient to know the competition, and for this you can conduct a market study, always bearing in mind that the best strategy you can use for your positioning is the segmentation of campaigns and personalized communication actions. When you use these strategies, they allow you to have an effective visibility in front of consumers, which leads you to influence their buying journey through the different channels they use.

Finally, these steps will allow you to keep moving forward in updating and delivering value to people, as well as having a new administrative and operational system which is aimed at customer service in this new business model.

If you need expert advice for the digital transformation process in your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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