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Science and innovation in Spain, the largest investment in 2023

Science and innovation

The largest public budget in the history of Spain is earmarked for R&D&I for this 2023. In just 3 years, the budget of the Ministry of Science and Innovation has increased by 98%, reaching 3,991 million euros. What are the implications of this investment for national economic growth? How do the subsidies for research projects and personnel training programs in universities or private companies work? Here we tell you!

Opportunities for the new scientific generation

Within the extraordinary economic times that Spain is going through, it seems that it has been able to maintain a very strong commitment to the development of science and innovation in the country. 

Below, we share with you the most relevant objectives and promises of the General State Budget Bill 2023 for the Ministry of Science and Innovation presented by the Minister, Diana Morant. Is it possible that this is one of the sectors with more momentum in Spain? The figures and government actions seem to indicate yes. 

Science and innovation

The Minister of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, also stressed that this increase in investment is necessary to meet the obligations with respect to European funds. But also because she believes that it is essential for the Spanish economy to be able to compete internationally.

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What do we mean by Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects in Spain? 

The Research, Development and Innovation System (R&D&I) is a key element of the national economy, contributing to its competitiveness and growth. In this sense, governmental entities must act to promote policies aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of science and innovation in Spain, as well as to improve its international visibility.

To this end, Law 14/2011 on Science, Technology and Innovation establishes the legal framework for the promotion of scientific research and innovation, knowledge transfer, scientific culture and its dissemination. In addition to technology investment.  

The Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation, 2013-2020, is the tool that establishes the objectives related to the promotion and development of R&D&I activities. 

These are aligned with the goals established by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 program for the period 2014-2020. In this way, the active participation of the agents of the Spanish Science and Innovation System within the European space is sought. 

In view of this, the concept of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) encompasses the three main components of a country’s economic and social development. They are essential to generate new products and services that meet the needs of its population. 

The term R&D&I is based on 3 fundamentals that allow the creation of practical solutions for society based on scientific studies. Here we share with you what each one is about:  

Science and innovation

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Science and innovation in Spain opens the way to a better life

It is possible that we are in the presence of a positive change in the scientific culture of our country. 

A study prepared by the Department of Social Studies and Public Opinion of the BBVA Foundation has revealed that citizens’ interest in science is greater than ever. It shows an increase in awareness of its relevance and importance for society. The graphs of the study reflect this:

Science and innovation

In summary, the data in the graphs above show that 72% of Spaniards claim to know something about science (the figure rises to 77% among 18-30 year olds), compared to 67% ten years ago. 

In addition, one third admit to being interested in news about scientific advances (38% among young people) and more than half believe that they still have a lot to learn about this topic.

There remain, however, some gaps in the understanding of basic concepts, ranging from what antibiotics are to climate change. Despite this, there is a clear consensus: a vast majority of people are convinced that, ultimately, science and innovation is the impetus for a better life.

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If you find the idea of being part of science and innovation projects fascinating and exciting, follow us on our TAS Consultancy blog for more updates on this area of development with a lot of potential for the future of Spain. 

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