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Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy: what does it consist of?

If you are one of those who recognize the importance of innovation in the business world and you are interested in entrepreneurship, today we have an article for you that you cannot miss! Read on and find out what the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy is all about.

What is the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy?

In order to face the country’s economic and social recovery, at the beginning of 2021, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

For its part, the body of the Presidency of the Government responsible for the strategy is the High Commissioner for Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation (AC/ENE), assigned to Francisco Polo.

This strategy corresponds to a program that seeks the economic and social transformation of the Spanish territory through entrepreneurship. To this end, the aim is for Spain to become an Entrepreneurial Nation by 2030, focusing on three key levers to achieve this:

  • Education

  • Research, development and innovation (R&D&I)

  • Innovative entrepreneurship

In this way, we can say that it represents a strategic response to minimize the crisis witnessed and generate a positive change in the Spanish productive fabric, thus generating opportunities and quality jobs.


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What are the goals of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy?

In presenting the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy, the Prime Minister made it clear that the aim is to attract investment and make the country a place where startups can be created, receive funding and scale globally. and scale globally.

Therefore, in order to achieve the success of the strategy, four essential goals are proposed:

  1. Investment: accelerate the investment maturation process in the country’s innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  2. Talent: developing, attracting and retaining talent to help position Spain as an entrepreneurial nation.

  3. Scalability: to promote opportunities for a greater number of companies that can scale and consolidate in the country.

  4. Entrepreneurial public sector: streamlining public administration so that it becomes the lever for innovation, industrialization and inclusion.


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Main measures of the Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy

In order to transform the country’s productive bases, the strategy defined fifty measures to be taken, with a long-term vision. However, nine of them are considered a priority, and we will tell you what they are below:

1. Branding Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation

Based on the goals of scalability and investment, this measure seeks to create a country brand that not only protects initiatives related to innovative entrepreneurship, but also highlights a sense of belonging in society and positions Spain internationally as an attractive country to live, undertake and invest in.

2. Creation of the National Office of Entrepreneurship (ONE).

The implementation of the ONE seeks to organize and coordinate support services for entrepreneurship in collaboration with government agencies and public and private agents of the ecosystem.

In this way, the ONE corresponds to the four goals of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

3. Law for the Promotion of the Emerging Companies Ecosystem.

Its main objective is to encourage the creation, growth and relocation of emerging companies; to promote business entrepreneurship based on innovation. This law also involves the goals of scalability, investment, public business sector, and talent.

4. National Network of Entrepreneurship Centers

Known as RENACE, this measure is based on the creation of a network of incubators, accelerators and venture builders of a public, private or mixed nature to promote productive capacity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

To this end, it is essential to take into account all the proposed goals of the strategy.

5. Scalup Spain: supporting scalability

As the name suggests, meeting the goal of enterprise scalability is the main objective of this measure.

In this sense, it seeks to increase the size of Spanish companies and consolidate their development in both the domestic and international markets in order to contribute to the economy and society. In addition, emphasis is placed on the goals of investment, talent and the public business sector.

6. International women’s talent attraction program

The National Entrepreneurial Spain Strategy highlights a program linked to the talent target, which seeks to attract female talent in order to position Spain as a country of reference for professional women and avoid the flight of talent to other countries.

Last December 2021, the Female Entrepreneurship Attraction Program was launched, with a budget of €10 million for the next three years, as part of the Next Generation funds of the Transformation and Resilience Recovery Plan.

7. Visa Program

In line with the goals concerning scalability and talent, the visa program seeks to improve Spain’s competitiveness and retain international talent. To this end, it focuses on improving access to work visas for foreign professionals who wish to relocate or establish their own company in Spanish territory.

8. Bandera Program

In the quest to position Spain at a global level and generate meeting points for business, the Bandera Program is oriented towards institutionalizing the creation, development and attraction of international events to be held in Spain, focusing mainly on innovative companies.

In this case, compliance with the four goals mentioned in previous paragraphs is enhanced.

9. Public Procurement as a Driver of Innovation (PPI)

Lastly, the ninth measure considered to be essential also involves the four goals of the Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy, and constitutes a mechanism to promote business R&D&I and boost innovation in the public sector.


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