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News on foreign investment in Spain [2022-2023]

Foreign investment in Spain

Foreign investment in Spain is an area that is constantly growing and developing, according to the data recorded. During these last years it has been shown that the country is in a very favorable moment for business, due to its open and competitive economy, which makes it an attractive environment for foreign investors. If you are interested in knowing the details about foreign investment in Spain, this article is for you! Join us!

What was the scope of foreign investment in Spain in 2022?

Gross non-ETVE foreign investment in Spain obtained by the Autonomous Communities, according to data obtained by DataInvex in 2022, especially during the months of January to September, reached 22,457 million euros. This represents a growth of 54.9% compared to 2021.

Foreign investment in Spain

However, it can be said that the biggest boom in figures was achieved during the first six months of the year. There, the figures reached 15.66 billion euros, 4.6% more than in the last five years.

If we break down these figures for the whole of last year, it is worth highlighting the new contribution operations, with 64.6% of the total non-ETVE. This produced an increase of 54.3% over acquisitions. 

The countries that were decisive for this substantial growth in numbers were the United States and the United Kingdom, which accounted for 54.5% of the flow of investment in Spain. The participation of Australia, France and Hong Kong also stands out.

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What is the value of foreign investment for Spain?

Foreign investment in Spain is perhaps the main axis of the country’s social and economic development. That is why most of the dividend received was distributed in different sectors. This is to grow the economy and improve the quality of life of citizens.

We find that 57.8% of the total investment went to the service sector, 39.1% to the industry sector, 2.9% to the construction sector and 0.2% to the primary sector. This is quite a large improvement compared to the years prior to the pandemic.

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Find out which cities are most attractive for foreign investors

Another point to highlight is the investment in terms of autonomous communities. There are specific cities that attract the direct attention of international investors due to their population and tourism levels. 

The city of Madrid tops the list of autonomous cities that attract the most foreign investment in Spain. With a total of 70% generating since its first quarter a total of 5000 million euros. 

Then, occupying second place, is the autonomous city of Catalonia, with 9.5%. Followed by the city of Navarra with 8.5% and, lastly, the city of Valencia with 3.5%.

If compared to the period of 2021, the increase achieved is more than 115.4% giving a total income of 4,709 million euros. Now, this improvement in the numbers of foreign investment, has served to improve the city of Madrid. 

They were allocated for sports, recreation and entertainment activities 42.6%, for electricity, gas, steam and air supply 14.6%, financial services 6.1% and for real estate activities 5.3%. 

Foreign investment in Spain

What does 2023 bring for foreign investment in Spain?

It is expected that 2023 will be a fruitful year for foreign investment in Spain, despite what happened in previous years and especially because of the economic deficit left by the pandemic in most countries. Today, Spain has become a safe place to invest for many foreigners.

A large number of them come to the country with the intention of improving their quality of life, which is why in 2022 there was a substantial increase in the sale and purchase of homes and other assets. As a result, there was an increase of 52.7%, a trend that by 2023 will remain intact.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight the fact that middle-income investors will take advantage of this opportunity to acquire property in Spain while enjoying the legal security offered by the country. 

It is therefore very important to remain vigilant this year and to be cautious about the evolution of inflation, the rise in mortgage interest rates and to be aware of the supply crisis that may arise.

These three factors could be completely detrimental to traditional banking, which would generate a great gain for private capital. However, although the projections for 2023 are full of doubts, it is expected to be the same or much more dynamic than 2022. As well as that the investment numbers continue to grow and exceed the statistics of previous years by a high percentage. 

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