How do you know when you need a business consultancy?

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In any story, a hero will always need a mentor capable of guiding them to overcome obstacles and complete their mission. The same thing happens to entrepreneurs, at some point, it becomes crucial to know when it is necessary to turn to a business consultancy to continue driving the growth of their business. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

The consulting agencies offer various options that will help you in solving various problems in the commercial field, making use of logistical skills and methods that may not have in your organization, you will see how to improve the level of work performance and competitiveness of the company-client.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of consultancies, which have the ability to provide different ideas. However, the important thing is that you know when you should hire a business consultancy, as it will work together with you in the search for strategies, planning and resolution or prevention of potential problems.

Of course, depending on the size of your business, certain tasks, such as management, direction, hiring, or other types of activities, will fall, if applicable, in the hands of an administrative staff (if the company is large or medium), or in the power of the owner of the company (if the company is small).

Do you still have doubts about it? Then let us introduce you to these reasons that you may not know and that will help you understand a little more about the benefits of including a business consultancy in your business model.

When does your company require accounting consulting?

When you start your company or business it will be easy for you to manage the administrative part, because the movements will be few and it will be enough to have a basic accounting system. But you will notice that as the economic activity grows, the internal work will also increase and you may require more advanced accounting and labor knowledge that you will probably not be able to perform.

To optimize your company in the administrative, fiscal and labor sphere it is a good idea to have the services of a company specialized in the area. This is a reason that you can consider obvious to implement a business accounting consultancy and thus obtain an efficient management of your business.


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Optimize the administration of your company

If your company or business does not have a physical space that allows you to create an accounting department, we advise you to evaluate the possibility of hiring companies that offer an accounting management service, this being a viable and economical option.  This type of company will bring a lot of benefits to your company, because beyond facilitating administrative tasks, thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge, you can also detect errors in time and detail in depth all accounts. In addition, the accuracy of their diagnostics will provide you with enough data to propose optimal accounting solutions to keep your business afloat.

Funding and grant projects

Although at first glance it may not be noticeable, or may seem unnecessary, it is useful for any company to know that there are financing plans and subsidies that can be adapted to all kinds of requirements.

It is therefore essential to know the requirements to be able to obtain financing, the estimated application time, as well as the corresponding deadlines, and the determined capacity we have to apply for it.

All of the above is taken care of by a business accounting consultancy, which is continuously updated on these points in order to provide the best service to your company.


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Business advice and guidance

It should come as no surprise that the laws that regulate the business area are constantly evolving, so this is another point of motivation to seek advice. A business accounting consultancy will keep you up to date with all the corresponding regulations according to your type of business, so you can avoid or prevent penalties. On top of that, they will constantly share with you information regarding the latest provisions in relation to regulations that could be beneficial.

Comply with the fiscal calendar

In order to comply with the tax calendar, it is necessary to have all the necessary documentation, to fill in and know the required documents, and to file the taxes within the corresponding deadlines.

Yes, this could become an arduous task that increases your stress levels. But don’t panic, just get a business consulting firm to help you file on time with all the necessary requirements to be tax solvent.

When hiring a business consultancy you should bear in mind the following:

  • It can be contracted for the provision of a service on a one-off, monthly or recurring basis.

  • Prioritize the services you really need, since business consultancies have different prices; which vary according to the company, volume of activity and requirements of the same.

  • Make sure that the consulting firm you hire offers you a ceiling, that is, that it allows your business to grow, and that the consulting offered allows you to cover your needs at the pace of your growth.

  • Propose a trial period in which both parties will get to know each other, which will be ideal to strengthen the service relationship. It is advisable to start this relationship between January and February, since it is during this period that the fiscal year begins.


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When your customers are not satisfied

We all love it when our customers are happy with the service offered, but what about those who don’t feel this way? What about those people who are not satisfied? Should we just ignore them?

The dissatisfaction of a client is of greater relevance in any organization, although with an effective and adequate business consultancy it will be possible to solve this situation, obtaining as a reward the satisfaction and the permanence of the client.

Usually, managers do not have the skills to detect the reasons that have caused the inconvenience with the customer. However, by having a consultant or advisor, they have the ability to observe the daily movement of the company, analyze any situation that arises and propose possible solutions.

This is probably one of the most important points that, on many occasions, can be overlooked. But remember that if we do not pay attention to the evaluations that customers make to our companies, we will not be able to improve the failures to offer the best service.

Causes of employee demotivation

The engine oil of any company is its employees, without them, the car will never run at full power.

It is essential for an organization that its staff has motivation and commitment. The lack of these elements leads to labor problems which will eventually be reflected in the quality of services provided.

Therefore, it is important to know that a good human resources consultant is able to focus on promoting activities that help build a good work culture in which employees can feel committed, both with the company and with their teammates. This will create an organizational climate of good coexistence and will give better results in terms of labor productivity.

In addition, having a good HR consultant – thanks to their more objective assessment – will allow you to get a clear, objective and independent view of your business landscape, which will come in handy when dealing with tax or accounting issues.

Keeping up to date

As we mentioned before, given the constant changes and updates to labour, tax and accounting legislation, it is difficult to keep up to date with new regulations, as well as the aid available to SMEs.

However, we can have this information available through the accounting consultants, who are constantly updating themselves in these areas, thus allowing us to keep our company in order, making us co-participants of the news.

Having a business consultancy gives us the advantage of avoiding making mistakes due to lack of experience in the accounting field. Even, and due to their long accumulated experience, these consultants will be able to apply the necessary corrective measures that have already given effective solutions in other companies.

Get out of the “comfort zone”.

The times of accelerated changes force us to keep up with the market, pushing us to make modifications that are oriented to new processes or ways that allow us to carry out established goals. That pattern of trying to do the same thing expecting different solutions has become obsolete. And in the search for effective alternatives to solve problems, you can not rely solely on trial and error, so it is advisable to turn to a business consultancy.

In this way, we are able to assist in the development of a business skill, in creating an ideal model in the development of a marketing plan in the expansion of the company’s activities, as well as entering new global markets, implementing new technological systems, reorganizing or restructuring the company, among others.

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While sometimes it may take a while to realize that it really is time to hire a business consultancy, in the long run, doing so will always bring you benefits and help your company climb to new positions of success.

Likewise, in the case of starting a new company or project, working hand in hand with real experts in the legal, fiscal and accounting area will make your days easier. That is why, in TAS Consulting we want to work hand in hand with you to achieve all your goals.

Contact us through our website and we will answer all your questions!


Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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