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How to have an international e-commerce?

Having an international e-commerce will allow you to expand your horizons and increase your competitiveness and profitability. In this article you will find everything you need to know about the advantages of internationalizing your online store and how to create an international sales strategy that will ensure your entry into new markets.

Why create an E-commerce?

E-commerce has become paramount in recent years, growing massively among many companies and businesses in order to weather and maintain their revenues during the healthcare crisis.

Ecommerce has not only expanded the number of users that these organizations have reached, but it has also positioned the brand and strengthened financial profitability.

Having an online sales platform reduces infrastructure or storage costs, increases margins and conversions. Taking advantage of the trend will allow you to have more freedom in your business strategy, enter new markets, reach more customers, sell through a secure channel and offer several payment alternatives.

If you create an ecommerce you will know exactly the market trends as well as the behavior of your customers.

Internet advertising is also much cheaper so you will not have to invest a lot if you want to advertise to more people. You will be able to have analysis and statistical data more easily so that you can know the situation of your company and make the right decisions to make the organization prosper.

Advantages of internationalizing your online store

Internationalizing your ecommerce will ensure that you can reach people in other countries, which shows an overcoming of seasonality and sends a powerful or prestigious brand message.

Another advantage of internationalization is the diversification of risk, depending only on the domestic market.

You will improve your competitiveness against other companies that offer the same products or services and you will have greater possibilities of scaling multiplying your sales. You will also gain new experience and get ideas to open new lines of business.

Remember to keep in mind your ideal customer and also the laws of the countries where you plan to export to ensure exponential growth.


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How to create an international sales strategy?

  1. Get ready for internationalization

First of all, know about exporting, define which countries you want to export to and make sure you comply with the laws, know their culture and their currency. It is also good that you know if your ideal client in that country still has the same characteristics as the one you manage or if it is necessary to make some changes to adapt to that new market.

  1. Plan an internationalization plan

Find out how your platform is adapted for internationalization and plan the steps you need to follow for the process and if necessary, also a budget.

Have at hand what the distribution channels will be and obtain your customs permit or any other license necessary to export.

  1. Optimize your ecommerce

After planning, it is time to optimize the website:

  • Adapt the language either through automatic plugins or by making your own translations.

  • Incorporates new currencies and payment methods.

  • Make sure your server operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Incorporates an electronic invoice.

  • Improve the user experience of your online store.

  1. Create a digital marketing strategy

Once the site is optimized, create a digital marketing strategy with the intention that more people know you and know that you start exporting your products. Adapt this strategy to the new market, and if required, hire an expert.

A relevant factor will be to optimize your social networks. Know what the competition offers and what they do in terms of digital marketing in the areas where you want to start selling, as well as their own seasons and holidays.

  1. Review metrics and improve your products and services

Finally, always remember to review and analyze the ecommerce metrics, only through this you will be able to know if you are on the right direction or if you should change the route. The metrics will be the ones that will detail the behavior of your sales and consequently your income and growth.

It is also good to review your product or service offering and try to improve it, you can optimize the sales routes or offer a more complete experience with sample tutorials or discount coupons. Another option is to introduce new products or expand your business line.


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Tips to have an international E-Commerce

Now that you know all this, here are a few more tips to make your international ecommerce a success:

  • Research is paramount. Internationalizing your store without prior research can work against you and affect your business.

  • Optimize the SEO of your store. This will ensure that your customers will find you in internet searches.

  • Invest in SEM. Creating paid campaigns and ads can help you attract more customers and increase your sales.

  • Create a list of subscribers, gaining more loyalty to your brand and giving you the opportunity for second purchases.

  • Take advantage of holidays in advance.

  • Don’t forget about social networks. Most users use them and they can be a meeting point with your brand.

  • Always check your results.


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Create a strategy for your international E commerce and scale in competitiveness as well as profitability. If you need legal advice in Spain you can access our website TAS Consultancy or clarify your doubts by writing to or also by calling +34 93 737 75 25.


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