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How to apply for ICO credits to complement the Digital Kit grants?

ICO Credits

Since the Kit Digital aid program covers digital solutions and not the purchase of computer equipment, the Official Credit Institute (ICO) has granted an extra guarantee in order to cover the needs that are not covered by the Kit Digital. If you are self-employed and want to know more about the ICO credits that complement the Kit Digital aid, then stay with us until the end!

For whom are they intended and what is the purpose of the ICO credits of the ICO-Kit Digital line?

The ICO credits of the ICO-Kit Digital line have two recipients: SMEs that previously requested the aid to advance their business and companies that are part of the catalog of service providers specialized in digitization.

The digitalization of SMEs is one of the main pillars of the transformation of the entire Spanish economy. This was expressed in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, as well as in the Spain Digital Agenda 2025.

ICO financing, in this sense, is designed to improve the level of digitization of the productive fabric and its productivity. The agreement signed by the ICO with to promote the new line of financing, aims to support companies through a public-private partnership that complements the help of the Digital Kit and will go to:

  • Anticipate to the digitalizing agents selected by the beneficiary companies the aid granted by in the Digital Kit Program.
  • Finance the cost of the project not eligible for subsidies under the Digital Kit Program for all beneficiary companies.

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What are the ICO credits for the purchase of computers and other electronic media?

All self-employed workers with less than ten and more than three employees under their charge will be able to apply for the aid of the Digital Kit. However, those self-employed who require technological equipment for the development of their activity will have to apply for the ICO credit to complement the aid.

It is important to remember that the Kit Digital aid was originally created to offer digital aids such as marketing, social networks, web pages, etc. Given this, the ICO credits were created to complement the aid and allow the self-employed to acquire computers, tablets and other devices necessary for the digitization of their business.

As stated by the ICO on its web page, the credit granted will be the difference between the costs of the digitalization solutions and the aid received for the Digital Kit. That is to say, it will range between 2,000 and 12,000 euros according to the size of the company.

In short, up to 100% of the amount of the project will be given, minus the amount of the aid granted. These ICO credits may be requested until December 31, 2025. Thus, each self-employed person will have to present the documentation that the credit entity considers necessary to study the case.

How can these loans be applied for?

All those who have subscribed to a Digitalization Solutions Provision Agreement within any of the calls for aid that publishes within the framework of the Digital Kit program may apply for ICO credits.

In that sense, to make the request, they will only have to contact the credit institutions that are adhered to the ICO-Kit Digital line and the amount will vary according to the help provided in the Digital Kit and the size of the bu


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What are the conditions of ICO credits to purchase technological equipment?

The ICO credit can be requested by any individual or legal entity that, as we have already mentioned, has subscribed to a Digitalization Solutions Provision Agreement.

In this regard, we will detail the conditions of the ICO credits:

What does it finance?

To all self-employed beneficiaries of the Digital Kit who need to cover the purchase of computers or electronic devices for the digitalization of their business.

What is the maximum credit amount?

As specified by the ICO on its website, the credit granted will be the difference between the costs of the digitalization solutions and the aid granted by the Digital Kit. It may vary between 2,000 and 12,000 euros according to the size of the company.

What is your interest rate?

The interest rate may be fixed or variable, depending on the margin established by the credit institution according to the repayment term.

What is the amortization and grace period? 

It is established for 180 days, one or two years, with the possibility of a one-year grace period.

What documentation do you need to submit to apply?

The documentation that each Credit Institution considers necessary to study the case must be submitted.

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In short, the ICO credits are the perfect complement to the Digital Kit, as they will allow self-employed workers to acquire the material they need to boost the digitalization of their business.

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