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How can you get your NUSS and what do you need it for?


Obtaining the Social Security Number, or NUSS, is a procedure that all Spaniards must carry out. However, many are unaware of its existence and its usefulness when it comes to managing your affairs before the Social Security. If you want to know how to get your NUSS, stay with us until the end of this article. Here we will tell you what it is, what it is for and how you can get it, let’s go!

What is the NUSS?

The Social Security number (NUSS) is the number with which Social Security identifies you. But at what point in time? Well, when you carry out each of your relations with the Social Security. This identification number is mandatory for anyone who benefits from pensions or benefits from this entity.

Also, you will need it at the moment of affiliation or registration in any SS regime. You will also need it to apply for inclusion in the health sector.

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What do you need to apply for your NUSS?

You must apply for the NUSS before applying for affiliation or discharge, or before any application for benefits or services. For that reason, you should know that to get it you must have the documents that identify you, these are:

  • Identification data: it can be your DNI or NIE.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your Foreigner’s Card or Passport.
  • Your contact information, either cell phone or email.
  • Current address.

So, what should you do to apply for your Social Security number?

Obtaining a Social Security number is a mandatory task for any person residing in Spain. Therefore, this procedure has been updated to make it an easier process for everyone. In that sense, to get your NUSS, you can do it online through the Import@ss link. To do so, you will need:


You can also identify yourself in Import@ss to get your NUSS via SMS, with Cl@ve or your digital certificate. 

If you don’t have a digital certificate with GD Certificado you can get it quickly and easily. You only have to enter our portal, make the request, pay the fee and wait 30 minutes. And that’s how fast you get the digital certificate to carry out your procedures.

Why is it important to have a Social Security number?

In Spain, the NUSS is a unique and personal identifier that is assigned to everyone registered in the SS system. 

But what makes it important? Because you will need it to access health services and receive social and economic benefits. Also, you will be able to apply for unemployment insurance, pension, housing benefits and others.

The NUSS is also used by employers to carry out certain procedures. For example, the hiring, contribution and payment of taxes related to the SS of their employees. Therefore, if you want to work in Spain it is essential to have this number.

It is also important to note that the NUSS is confidential and you will use it to identify yourself in any SS procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to protect it adequately to avoid possible fraud or identity theft.

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5 procedures that require the use of the NUSS

Having a Social Security Number is a must. There are many procedures that require you to have it and that is why it is important that you get yours. 

In order for you to better understand what we are referring to, we will mention some of the procedures that require the NUSS:


Is the NUSS required for School Insurance?

The NUSS is mandatory for School Insurance. Every student under 28 years of age who attends the official studies of Compulsory Secondary Education must have it. This until the end of the third university cycle.

What is the Spanish Compulsory School Insurance?

This is an insurance processed with the NUSS and is used to protect those who attend the E.S.O. until the end of the third university cycle.

All this is achieved through health and financial benefits. This is in case of illness, school accidents or family problems.

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To learn more about how to get the NUSS and for which procedures you need it, contact us through our email In TAS Consultancy we have the best professionals, trained to give you the best attention on legality, taxation and Spanish documentation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to correctly manage your Social Security number, you can contact us at any time and request a free consultation.

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