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How can you register with Social Security?

In the world of work, both workers and employers must ensure that they register with the relevant bodies and comply with legal and tax regulations. Do you know how to register with the Social Security in Spain? Are you new to business? In this article we explain the process you must follow for the first time!

What is Social Security?

The first thing you need to be clear about is what Social Security means in a country. And, in the case of Spain, we refer to Social Security as a set of measures adopted by the State whose main purpose is to provide protection to its citizens.

In this sense, we are talking about protecting the individual in labor situations such as: retirement pensions, access to health care, unemployment coverage, maternity leave, among others.

How to register with the Social Security system

If you are a Spanish citizen or a foreigner and reside legally in the country, there are different cases in which you are required to formalize your registration with the Social Security:

At the request of the employer

All employers have the right to request the affiliation to Social Security of those workers who are not yet registered when they enter their services.

At the employee’s request

With respect to workers, those who carry out their activities as self-employed or similar and who are not affiliated, are also obliged to register with the Social Security.

Ex officio

In this case, it may happen that the affiliation is carried out by the Provincial Directorates of the General Treasury of the Social Security as a result of a labor inspection that corroborates non-compliance with the obligation to apply for affiliation to the Social Security, either by the employers or by the workers.


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Social Security Number Characteristics

If you are planning to start working, it is important that you recognize the characteristics that define the Social Security Number and its affiliation, since it is essential for you to be able to develop in the business world. Below, we mention the aspects that you should take into account:


  • Your membership is exclusive, and extends for life.

  • The Social Security General Treasury is the body responsible for assigning a number to each citizen to identify his or her relationship with the Social Security.

  • It is of a unique and general nature for all the Systems of the System.

  • It is mandatory for all citizens who wish to register with any Social Security scheme.

The registration process

Are you looking to register with Social Security? Generally, you can obtain an affiliation number automatically when you start your first employment relationship. However, you can apply for it on your own, in two ways:


As a worker, you can register with the Social Security in Spain by presenting the TA.1 Form, your National Identity Card, Foreigner’s Identity Card or passport (if applicable) at the Social Security General Treasury or Administration of your domicile.


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Via online

The online procedure is also quite simple and we explain below how to apply:

Enter the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, select the top box where it says workers, click on the option “Affiliation and Social Security Number” and click on the service “Assignment of Social Security Number”.


Once you are redirected to make your request, you must have certain information:

  • Identification data (DNI or NIE).

  • Contact details such as cell phone and e-mail

  • Your usual place of residence.

  • Model TA.1 (you can download it here)

Then, you will have to identify yourself through a cl@ve system and log in to validate your data and finalize your registration with the Social Security.


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Deadlines for registering with Social Security

Now that you have gone through the procedure properly, you may be wondering when do I get my Social Security number?

In general terms, the maximum period for notification of the resolution of your application will be 45 days, therefore, once this period of time has elapsed, the process is considered to have been completed.

Likewise, once your Social Security number is assigned, it will automatically become your affiliation number when you start working.


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