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Download for free the Entrepreneur’s Guide for Spanish Market! How to set up a business in Spain ?

Guide-how-to-set-up-a-business-in-spainThe Entrepreneur’s Guide for Spanish Market is a seven-step framework to handle foreign entrepreneurs setting up their business in Spain.

Starting your own business is not just about having a good idea. There are real steps to ensure your business a successful start. What are the elements you should consider when launching your new business? This entrepreneur’s guide was thought and written to recount your business process step by step.

The first part that we could call “pre-creation steps” highlights the work you must do before creating your company in Spain. The second part describes all the steps that you need to perform as well as documents required to start a business in Spain. The third part deals with Spanish tax matters like corporation tax, income tax, and welfare costs for self-employed entrepreneurs. Regarding the fourth part, it concerns all “post-creation steps” whose the purpose is the effective implementation of your company in Spain. This part will provide you all the necessary information to optimize the launching of your new business in Spain.

Do you want to set up a business in Spain? Do not hesitate to download for free the “Entrepreneur’s Guide for Spanish Market: how to start a business in Spain”.

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to set up your business in Spain.

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Mr Matt Andrews
Mr Matt Andrews
10 years attracted

Good morning.

I’ve read through your “Entrepreneur’s Guide For Spanish Market” and have two very straight-forward questions;

1. Realistically, how long would it take from start to finish to complete the 7 steps to creating a company in Spain (Section 2 / Points 1-7 / Pages 7 to 10) using a company such as your own?

2. How much will it cost me?

I am keen for a response as soon as you are able.

Best Regards

0044 (0) 7818 866 366

Jonathan Carbonell
10 years attracted

Dear Matt,

Thank you for downloading our Entrepreneur’s Guide! We hope that it interested you and that you enjoyed it!

From start to finish to complete the 7 steps to creating a company in Spain, only one day in Barcelona is required. Like “ready-made companies” in England, we offer companies already set up and free of any activities. One day in Barcelona with our business consultants and you can start your business in Spain, it’s at once easy and fast! And you will be able to start your business activity in Spain the same day.

It will cost you 2,200€. We take care of all administrative procedures in Spain such as the request of your NIE, the creation of your company before a notary, the declaration to Companies Register, the opening of a personal and professional bank account, and the request of an intra-Community VAT number.

Our team of chartered accountants can take care of your Spanish accounting. As for the tax experts, they can take over the fiscal management of your business in Spain.

I give your phone number to one of our business consultants. He will call you as soon as possible in order to talk about your business project.

Have a great day!

Best regards,