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Startups: trends 2022

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After a couple of unusual years, the crisis and change have generated great opportunities. So 2022 will continue to be a great year for entrepreneurs who know how to identify them.  In this article you will learn about the most important Startup trends of this 2022. Read on!

What is a Startup?

Startup is a term that refers to digital startups that have great growth potential.

The big difference between any new company and a startup is that the latter focuses on exponential growth between 3 and 5 times a year. While the others generally have an annual growth.

In terms of trends for 2022, everything that has to do with leisure and consumption in the home continues to triumph

Many people spend a lot of time at home and their outings have been reduced. The areas of greatest novelty and development are those related to food, home delivery and foodtech.

Many restaurants have implemented home meal delivery services, which have allowed them to keep their businesses standing during and after the pandemic.

Some have created new business models with semi-processed meals to prepare at home, or have developed more elaborate, gourmet-style meal proposals for those special days.


The golden age of E-Commerce

People buy almost everything online, and companies have recently had to implement E-Commerce strategies to stay afloat, as it is one of the most productive business models today.

In fact, E-Commerce markets in the UK have accounted for a high percentage in 2021. And this is one of the Startup trends that will continue to grow for entrepreneurs by 2022.

Although we already have at our disposal large platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress, there are many more with great opportunities, which have a personalized service to customers; allowing them to compete with them, without any problem.

In this sense, personalization and customer services will be another trend for 2022, in places where large platforms do not reach.

Biotech and Healtech

Thanks to the speed with which biotechnology and processors are developed, together with artificial intelligence, they are considered one of the most attractive sectors for investors and, above all, for entrepreneurs.

Given that the health sector has become one of the sectors that has had great prestige among society; training in this area increased during 2021 and, by 2022, it is estimated that the increase will be one more.

Telemedicine is one of the solutions for people in some occasions, where they avoid traveling, queues and waiting to be attended in certain types of consultations.


If you want to keep one sentence from this article, you can take the following: “in the times of Machine Learning, the only way to move forward is to be a learning machine”.

Therefore, distance, telepresence or online training increased considerably during 2021, and by 2022 there is no sign of any change. What could change is how it is consumed, because there will be more demand for microlearning for consumption.

ESG Investing

This term is well known in the venture capital investment world, identified by the acronym Environmental, Social and Governance, and describes a type of investment in projects that incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance factors.

It was one of the top Startup trends last year, and for this year, it is expected that many companies will continue to join sustainable investments.

Climate Tech 2.0 was then one of the most notable successes in 2021. In addition, better data and acceptances that an energy-only approach will not achieve all 2050 emissions targets.

This focused solely on energy, such as the incorporations of all climate considerations, as in the case of transportation, energy, manufacturing and construction.

Collaboration and productivity

Remote work and labor flexibility are here to stay, but solutions are needed to improve the management of companies and workers.

As published by Interbrand, four of the five most recognized brands in the world, such as platforms: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, will possibly be the companies that will set the technological agenda in the following years.

No matter what industry our companies are in, what they must be sure of is that it will no longer be enough to manufacture and sell products.

So we need to create communities and marketplaces that allow people to interact, transact and ideally learn from each other. And that is the great power of all platforms.

In addition, the combination with remote or hybrid work has led to increased demands for applications in the workplace. And, in particular, as tools for collaboration and productivity.

These facts are underscored by Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Slack, which has become one of the go-to collaboration platforms for young, innovative companies. Thus, a new wave of innovators in startup trends may emerge this year.

Supply chains

Few areas have been under as much stress in recent years as supply chains.

These have undergone rapid changes, forcing companies to adapt their plans week by week, even day by day.

This situation accelerated the transformation in companies seeking to reduce the risks of disruption posed by geopolitical uncertainties, which represents an opportunity for emerging companies and venture capitalists.

This year we will see new supply chain companies with solutions that will streamline orders, reduce waste and highlight areas of risk and protect relationships between parties. In addition, highlighting areas of risk and protecting relationships between parties.

5G is coming and IoT-based ventures are on the horizon

With the advent of 5G technology, great opportunities have arisen for the development of services that are based on mobility and broadband.

The IoT is characterized by being a mature technology and with less cost of access, and thanks to platforms such as Blynk, more ingenious solutions have been developed. Therefore, it is estimated that by 2022 new virtual interfaces and services will appear, which are based on the remote management of devices and terminals.


People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers they face online, so you should keep your assets protected, just as you do in the physical world.

Cases of information, technology or financial data theft are becoming more and more known every day, which has raised awareness among companies and users.

In the same way that cybersecurity companies proliferate in the real world, there is a similar risk in the virtual world, so there is also a market. In addition, many companies have created the figure of the cybersecurity expert, the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

Implementing one of these Startup trends to make a company better every day is profitable. Now, are you thinking of integrating one of these in your company or institution you work for?

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