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Which are the safest autonomous communities in Spain?

One of the aspects that are usually considered when emigrating, renting or buying a new home is the security present in the area. Do you know which are the safest autonomous communities in Spain at the moment? Get ready to find out in this article!

Security in Spain

Among so many European destinations, Spain is considered one of the most attractive options for its quality of life; and this includes the possibility of living without fear of major personal or material security incidents.

Spanish Security Forces recorded in 2021 the lowest recent crime rate in the country. It is estimated a decrease of 10.9% compared to 2019, with 1,960,113 criminal offenses, and 41.4 crimes per thousand inhabitants.

The Global Peace Index ranking is an indicator that measures the level of peace and the absence of violence in countries. For 2022, Spain is considered to be one of the safest countries at present, as it is ranked 29th out of 163.

Factors to consider in the security of a city

In order to qualify any of the Spanish cities as safe, it is common that the authorities, the members of the locality, and the visitors take into account different aspects such as the following:

Low level of crime

The areas that manage to position themselves as safer in the country witness less common crimes and greater compliance with the rules of coexistence. As a result, citizens feel calmer and more protected in their daily lives.

Walking in the streets at night

It seems logical, but one aspect that brings value to people when selecting a new home, is the fact of being able to take long walks on the street at night; regardless of being accompanied or not.

Safe playgrounds for children

When forming a family, parents take into account the safety of their children, and therefore the presence of parks with adequate facilities for children, good lighting, appropriate signage, among other aspects.

Penalties for offenders

When there are rules to be complied with, when the rights and privileges of the security forces are respected, citizens feel more protected. And you may wonder why? When you see workers satisfied with their security work, the results are always more optimal.

Inclusive urban spaces

To assess the security of a country, it is important that it not only protects people from common crimes and offenses, but also offers public services suitable for all people.

The most common examples are: presence of adequate infrastructure for wheelchair mobility, gymnastic apparatus in parks for the elderly, inclusion of bicycle lanes, among others.

However, the truth is that within Spain there are differences in criminal incidents depending on where you are. Below, we tell you about the safest autonomous communities, according to the data provided by the security barometer.


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What does the security barometer say?

Securitas Direct analyzes the safest autonomous communities in Spain, taking into account the number of real alarm jumps and intrusions per territory attended by the Alarm Receiving Center.

Safer autonomous communities

The statistics indicate that, of the 17 autonomous communities in Spain, the top 5 rated with the most safety is made up of: Castilla y León, in first place; Asturias, in second place; Galicia, in third place; Extremadura, in fourth place; and Madrid, in fifth place.

Thus, none of these communities has an intrusion rate of more than 1.2%, and in the case of Castilla y León it is the third consecutive year that it occupies one of the safest positions in Spain.

Safer provinces

Just as we can know the safest autonomous communities, the report presented by Securitas Direct also analyzes the provinces with the highest security in Spain.

For this 2022, the percentage of intrusions in the provinces is divided as follows:

  • Teruel ranks first with only 0.6%.

  • Palencia is in second place with 0.9%.

  • Albacete is in third place with 0.9%.

  • Cáceres ranks fourth with 1.1%.

  • Lugo ranks fifth with 1.2%.


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Safer municipalities

Finally, with regard to Spanish municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants, the following options are considered the safest:

  • Oviedo with 0.6% of intrusions

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 0.6% of intrusions

  • Salamanca with 0.8% of intrusions

  • Burgos with 0.9% of intrusions

  • Santander with 1.0% of intrusions

  • Cordoba with 1.0% of intrusions

  • Vitoria with 1.1% of intrusions

  • Badajoz with 1.2% of intrusions

  • Pamplona with 1.2% of intrusions

  • Madrid with 1.2% of intrusions


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Now that you know a little more about the safest autonomous communities in Spain, which one would you choose to live in? We remind you that, if you need to start any real estate, tax or legal procedure, in TAS Consultancy we have a team of experts to advise you at all times.


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