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Nationality agreement between Spain and France

Do you have French nationality and are thinking of moving to Spain? Did you know that both governments recently established a dual nationality agreement? In this article we tell you when it came into force and what you should know about this Spanish-French agreement.

The validity of the agreement between Spain and France

Since 2019, both countries had been talking about the possibility of an agreement that would allow their citizens to obtain dual citizenship, and three years later this initiative becomes a reality.

In March 2022, a new Spanish-French nationality agreement is published in the Official State Gazette. The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Mr. José Manuel Albares, and the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, acknowledge the entry into force of this agreement as of April 1, 2022.

This decision is undoubtedly a step of great importance that contributes to maintaining a strong relationship between the two nations. Not to mention that France becomes the first non-Spanish and non-Lusophone country with which Spain signs such a bilateral agreement.

It also shows a new social and cultural connection that is positive for the more than 100,000 French people living in Spain, as well as for the almost 300,000 Spaniards living in France.


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What does the new agreement between Spain and France establish?

The usual process when a foreigner wishes to acquire Spanish nationality is that he/she previously commits to renounce his/her nationality of origin. As mentioned above, this situation has recently changed for France.

In short, then, the new agreement helps to strengthen the ties between the two countries and allows the attainment of one nationality without the need to renounce the other.

So, if you are French and you are thinking of settling in Spain as a citizen, now you can do it and keep dual nationality.

Who will be able to maintain dual nationality?

Both French and Spanish nationals wishing to apply for the opposite nationality can do so from April 2022 onwards.

However, for those persons who were obliged to renounce their nationality (in the case of Spain or France) during the time prior to the signing of this agreement, they will also have recourse to this regulation.

In this sense, if you are French and you had to renounce your nationality in 2015, for example, to become a Spanish citizen you will have the opportunity to recover your French nationality and keep your Spanish nationality; as long as you register the fact and you can prove it with your birth certificate).


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What are the requirements to apply for Spanish / French dual nationality?

Now that you have read about the existence of a new agreement between these European countries, are you thinking about applying for a new nationality? To do so, it is important that you meet the requirements of the relevant government.

Thus, the procedure is the same as that of a foreigner wishing to become a citizen (either Spanish or French).

In the case of Spain

If you are French and wish to obtain Spanish nationality, the requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • To reside in Spanish territory legally and continuously for at least 10 years or more.

  • No criminal record

  • Pass the Spanish constitutional and sociocultural knowledge test (CCSE), demonstrating that you have the necessary knowledge of Spanish culture.

  • Pass the DELE A2 exam that certifies you an optimal level of the Spanish language.

 In the case of France

If you are Spanish and wish to obtain French nationality, the requirements to be fulfilled are as follows:

  • Legal and continuous residence in France for at least 5 years.

  • No criminal record

  • Demonstrate a minimum level B1 of French language.

  • Demonstrate that you have had sufficient financial means to maintain yourself in the country for 3 years prior to your application.


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Today, an international agreement between two countries represents an opportunity for growth and a friendly way to strengthen cultural, economic and social relations. In the case of two great European nations, such as France and Spain, there is no doubt that this decision will contribute to a prosperous future for both parties.


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