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What is the status of work authorizations after the modification of the Spanish General Law on Foreigners?

Work authorization

In August of last year, the reform of the Immigration Law came into force, which brings with it beneficial changes for immigrants residing in Spain. This new approach to the law will help to make all bureaucratic processes easier when it comes to managing any procedure, making getting a work permit a simpler process. Find out with us how the work permits are now with this reform!

What benefits does the reform of the Alien Law bring to foreigners?

As a consequence of the current situation of the Spanish labor market, the regulations of the Law on Foreigners were modified and a regulation was created that is better adapted to the current situation in the country. 

Therefore, the entire reform focuses on three main general points:

Work authorization

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What do you need to obtain an employment authorization after the renewal of the law?

Due to the improvement in the bureaucratic procedures generated by the reform of the Immigration Law, the renewal of the work permit will be easier and faster. You only need to prove one of the following situations:

  • When did you start working?
  • Have you worked for a period of 3 months?
  • Are you working when you apply for your permit renewal?
  • Are you actively looking for work at the time of filing?
  • Are you registered with the SEPE or do you receive any type of benefit or assistance from the Spanish authorities?
  • Another circumstance that applies is the renewal through the spouse, as long as he/she is working.

Another major achievement of the reform is the increase in the duration of the authorizations. From now on, they will last four years instead of two. The best of all is that after four years the foreigner will be able to apply for long-term residency.

What do you need to obtain a self-employment authorization after the reform?

As with the employee work authorization, the self-employed renewal will be valid for 4 years and will allow you to work as a self-employed person or in an employment relationship.

In addition, as of the reform, the initial self-employment permit will not require showing. Since you have sufficient means to maintain your first year of residence. You will only have to show what is related to the investment you will make.

Self-employment figures that are very present in today’s economy have also begun to be validated and have started to be taken into account as a form of entrepreneurship.

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What change did the labor rights of students perceive with the reform of the Alien Law?

As is well known, before the renewal, students could only work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their studies. However, with the change in the law, they will be able to work up to 30 hours per week while completing their studies.

This increase in hours is very beneficial for the student community, as they will be able to generate a higher income. In addition, geographical limitations will be eliminated, which means that students will be able to work anywhere in Spain.

Another change that should be highlighted is that it is now possible to work only with a visa. It will no longer be necessary for companies to go through an immigration process in order to obtain the work process. 

This will allow the student population to be employed or self-employed. However, students must meet certain requirements:

Work authorization

What can we expect from permit renewals? 

As we mentioned, one of the great achievements was the increase of the duration of the permits from two years to four years. Because until now the process consisted of getting the permit for one year, then renewing it for two years and then renewing it again for two extra years. All this until obtaining the long term residency.

Not to mention that now the bureaucratic process of renewals will be much easier. This is due to the fact that the new regulation will avoid irregular situations and will make it easier for foreigners to obtain a work permit in shorter periods of time.

Another great merit for the renewal of the Alien Law is the improvement for the student sector. It will allow them to be trained and at the same time develop as a professional in their area.

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To learn more about the changes in the reform of the Spanish immigration law and the benefits that you will obtain when renewing your work authorization. 

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