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Everything you need to know about Ni Hao Conecta


Con la globalización, la relación comercial entre los países de todo el mundo es cada vez más importante. ¿Has oído hablar de Ni Hao Conecta, una plataforma que facilita la comunicación entre los mercados chino, español y latinoamericano? ¡Quédate con nosotros y prepárate para descubrir de qué se trata!

 ¿Qué es Ni Hao Conecta?

Ni Hao Conecta es una plataforma española que facilita el acceso al mercado chino desde España o Latinoamérica. Fue creada con el objetivo de permitir a todos sus clientes acceder a toda la información disponible, comunicaciones estables y la posibilidad de realizar transacciones.

Así, todas las entidades españolas que lo deseen podrán generar un vínculo entre los diferentes emprendedores para impulsar la internacionalización de los negocios en Asia y conseguir sinergia empresarial en las distintas naciones.

In this sense, we are talking about a communication platform that connects 3 continents; thus reinforcing business opportunities among the members of the community.


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Official WeChat certification

WeChat is China’s largest social network managed by Tencent and, according to Statista, it ranks sixth in terms of social networks with currently active users. It is used to maintain contact around the world, whether for personal or business purposes.

In October 2022, in Madrid, Spain, Ni Hao Conecta presented its official certification in WeChat. The authorities believe that this will strengthen the country’s positioning and provide customers with direct access to the Chinese market.

Business activities in China are increasingly relying on WeChat, as it not only offers communication options, but also functions to carry out other types of activities such as business transactions, payment platform, and information search.

What are the expectations for Ni Hao Conecta?

Ángel Niño, Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, believes that joining WeChat represents a unique opportunity for the Spanish business fabric with a view to internationalization.

It is important to highlight that Laura González, founder and advisor of Ni Hao Conecta, announced that the platform has become the first Spanish platform that allows connecting businesses between China, Spain and Latin America.

In addition, by having an official WeChat certification, Spanish entities will be able to strengthen their business expansion objectives by being able to create an effective connection with the Asian continent.

Ni Hao Conecta becomes the first Spanish company to develop its activities in favor of communication and business establishment, by obtaining a Seal of Approval from the Chinese Government and being verified by the technological giant Tencent.

Loreto Sordo, councilor for the Moncloa-Aravaca and Usera districts, recognized the importance of this achievement, as it means “continuing to strengthen initiatives that promote business opportunities for Spain in the international context”. Ni Hao Conecta, represents a big step towards continuing to build a sustainable economy and is achieving this in record time.

In this way, within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Spain, Ni Hao Conecta acts as a reference and Spanish loudspeaker that takes into consideration the current relevance and business opportunities that a country like China offers.


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China-Spain trade relations

In 1973, trade relations between China and Spain were officially established in an effort to boost the economies of both nations and promote the welfare of society.

China is considered the world’s second economic power and the first power in exports; therefore, it represents an attractive option for the establishment of a business connection for the European continent.

With regard to bilateral trade between China and Spain, it is important to note that there has been a growth of around 712% over the years. Likewise, exports from Spain to China have increased by 1,377%, and imports have also increased by 522%.

Although it is true that the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the economies of both countries, China-Spain trade relations continue to progress steadily. The Asian giant remains an attractive market in various sectors worldwide and Spanish companies are betting on continuing to consolidate and maintain a firm connection with that nation.

Según ICEX España, las empresas españolas ofrecen como principal atributo la calidad en el suministro de sus bienes y servicios, y consideran que mantener una relación comercial con China ha sido beneficioso y una experiencia positiva que impulsa el crecimiento de su negocio.


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