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Upcoming events for startups and entrepreneurs in Spain [2022]

Events are slowly making a comeback, and what better way to keep up to date than by attending them? This 2022 there will be many interesting events for startups and entrepreneurs that will allow them to keep up to date with their sector, do a lot of networking and meet the competition. Do you want to know what is the agenda of events for startups and entrepreneurs in Spain for the remaining period of this 2022? See here which of all the available events you can attend and connect with the startup ecosystem, Come on!

3 good reasons why your startup should participate in events

For entrepreneurs and startups it is essential to work on actions that allow the company to qualify for participation in events. In fact, in 2019, before the Covid-19 crisis, in Spain alone more than 20 exclusive fairs for entrepreneurs were held.

In this sense, we can say that events and fairs are a great alternative for companies and the sector they work in, regardless of their size. However, it is necessary to find a way to stand out and know how to build an advantageous position in front of the competition.

Although it is a great reality, many businessmen and entrepreneurs are unaware of the importance of their business participating in events. For that reason, before we tell you what is the calendar of events for startups and entrepreneurs this 2022, we want to mention the 3 main reasons why your venture or company should participate in events:

1. Networking and finalizing business deals

If you are just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship, the best thing you can do for your business and the business relationships you want it to have is to attend trade shows and events.

Every day new projects are born for which business events are a great opportunity to network, finalize commercial agreements, find investors who believe in what the business does, make themselves known, etc.

Activities that, in addition to being essential, offer multiple benefits for those taking their first steps in the startup ecosystem.

2. Attract and retain customers

According to experts in business communication, participating in events and fairs is a good way to attract and retain customers, because everything takes place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where all those who attend have the opportunity to meet multiple companies that put their proposals to shine at the event.

3. Exchange of opinions and ideas

Attending events or fairs offers you the opportunity to increase the visibility of your business thanks to the repercussion that this type of special events usually have.

In addition, it cannot be denied that trade fairs and exhibitions are ideal for exchanging opinions, ideas and advice that contribute to the improvement of brands and their business concept, which allow a better understanding of the sector and favor the current positioning in the market.

In this sense, being able to interact with large companies and appear in the media is one of the most appreciated advantages for startups attending events and fairs.


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Calendar of events for Spain OCT – NOV – DEC this 2022

Starting in October and until July 2023, Spain will hold a large number of events throughout the country, designed to foster growth and connect new business ideas to the startup ecosystem. Practically all of the country’s autonomous communities will hold a meeting of entrepreneurship, investment, innovation and technology.

For that reason and in order to support you with the growth of your business, in TAS Consulting we have prepared a small agenda with the most striking events of the startup ecosystem that remain to be held this 2022, where we will mention international events, as well as specialized in a smaller scope.

In recent years, a large number of events have emerged that focus on a sector, theme or regional sector, while still opening their doors to the general public, speakers or international investors. In this sense, you will find here events for Seville, Vigo, Valencia, Barcelona, etc., which know how to connect entrepreneurs and local projects with the national and international market.

Likewise, this amount of events held only highlights the great growth that the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups has had throughout the country, as well as the growth has been in the transformation of the mentality of society and industrial production.

If you are interested in connecting with the startup ecosystem and grow in it, make connections and meet other proposals that are the same or more innovative, look for investment opportunities or possible investments or attend some of the most interesting talks of the startup world you can attend any of the events that we will mention.


Avante Venture

Merida. October 11, 2022

In terms of R&D&I financing, this event, organized and coordinated by Extremadura Avante’s Innovation Area, is a regional benchmark.

Avante Venture forms an entire innovation ecosystem in Extremadura, which in turn is made up of large companies, SMEs, EBTs, scaleups, suppliers, potential partners, research centers, researchers, collaborators, public investment funds, investors and, above all, startups.

This event, held in October, represents a great opportunity for participants to network, whether at regional, national or European level, favoring the attraction and support of those resources that projects in this area require to be launched, developed and grow.

There are only 19 days left for the next Avante Venture! If you want to purchase your pass or participate in it, you will find all the information about it on the event’s website.

Startup Fest

Zaragoza. October 20, 2022

Of all the events held in the city and in Aragon, this is the most important. Organized and held by Zebra Ventures, the accelerator of startups with impact, this event also has the support of the City Council of Zaragoza and the Government of Aragon, ENISA; as well as other important companies in the country.

Taking into account all those who participate in its celebration, we can tell you that the Zaragoza Startup Fest expects to bring together this year more than 300 people, 20 investors, 20 startups and 14 venture capital funds.

This event made by and for entrepreneurs focuses on adding value to startups and companies. During the day, there will be round tables dedicated to the ecosystem, innovation, investment, pitches, impact, training, networking, individual meetings, etc.

So far, there are several confirmed speakers, including Jesús Alonso Gallo, Tom Horsey, Quino Fernández, Azucena Elbaile, René de Jong, among others.

Find out the event schedule and purchase tickets for you and your team through the Zaragoza Startup Fest website.

Valencia Digital Summit

Valencia. October 24-26, 2022

This is the most important international technology event in the Valencian Community and the annual meeting point for startups, entrepreneurs, investors and corporations.

Organized by Startup Valencia, this year the Valencia Digital Summit will hold its fifth edition in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, where they expect the attendance of more than 10,000 participants, more than 250 investors and more than 1,500 startups.

This year, the theme “Inspiring de Good Future” will take center stage and will show how technology, innovation and digitalization are creating a better future and why it is essential in addressing the major economic and social challenges facing society.

Find out who will be attending the event and purchase your ticket through the VDS 2022 website.


Tourism Innovation Summit

Seville. November 2, 2022

This year, the largest technology, innovation and sustainability event for all companies in the tourism sector will be held from November 2 to 4 in Seville.

The event features an entire exhibition area where it is possible to showcase SMEs and large travel and tourism organizations the latest in technology.

Thanks to the Tourism Innovation Global Summit, professionals can find masterclasses in forums specifically designed for each of the segments of the industry such as destinations, airlines, mobility, etc., and each of the professional profiles that exist.

This platform, where national and international companies can connect, defines the strategies for the future of the tourism industry and success is presented by leaders and experts in the area.

Whether you want to actively participate, purchase your ticket or learn about the large number of speakers who will be present at the event, you can access their website where you will find the information you need.

BIZ Barcelona

Barcelona. November 9 to 11, 2022

EL BIZ Barcelona is one of the many startups Barcelona events of reference of the Catalan entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each year, it brings together large groups of SMEs, freelancers and startups that attend a hundred conferences, workshops, networking sessions and advisory spaces to broaden their horizons.

Likewise, companies can also enjoy a stand area with companies and entities whose purpose is to promote economic activity, offer resources, financing and aid to create or support the growth of business projects.

The BIZ Barcelona is organized by Fira Barcelona and is held in conjunction with the Occupation Fair. Its objective, in addition to offering entrepreneurs solutions to get their ideas off the ground, is to promote business, employment and professional development opportunities.

Connect with other people, startups and SMEs at BIZ Barcelona and find the answers and inspiration you need to revive your business. Purchase your ticket on the BIZ Barcelona website through this link.

Smart City Expo

Barcelona. November 15-17, 2022

The Smart City Expo is the largest international event on smart urban solutions and cities. This year, it celebrates its 11th edition under the theme “Cities Inspired by People” and is looking forward to more than 1,000 exhibitors, most of which are startups, and 400 international experts.

This year, according to its congress program, it will address the strategies and tools that organizations, citizens and local governments can implement to ensure that future generations inherit a better future.

The sessions will be structured along 8 thematic axes: enabling technologies, economy, energy and environment, mobility and security, governance, infrastructures and buildings, life and inclusion, etc.

If you want to know more about the event, we invite you to visit their website so you can get your pass or apply to participate in it.

Tomorrow Mobility

Barcelona. November 15 to 17

The Tomorrow Mobility World Congress is an international event whose purpose is to promote the design and adoption of new and innovative models of urban mobility that are sustainable.

This event is planned to be held in Barcelona from November 15-17 under the theme “What Moves You?” and is jointly organized by EIT Urban Mobility and Fira Barcelona.

In this sense, this year will address issues related to micro-mobility -electric bicycles and scooters-, public transport, mobility providers -car sharing, aero taxis-, automotive -electric, connected and autonomous cars-, intelligent infrastructures -fleet management, payment systems, geolocation-, transition, energy efficiency and digitization and much more.

This year’s Tomorrow Mobility will bring together leading international experts and more than a hundred companies to present their ideas and experiences to the public and, together, chart a course for the future of mobility.

Want to attend the event? Find out more on their website to purchase your pass.

Al Andalus Innovation Ventures

Seville. November 29-30, 2022

Among the events held in southern Spain, Al Andalus Innovation Venture is one of the major references. And it is because it specializes in connecting the entire startup and innovation ecosystem throughout Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. All of them with a strong presence of startups and Open Innovation initiatives underway.

In this sense, the event’s mission is to facilitate the transparency of innovation in the Andalusian business fabric through the startup sector, which happens to be quite prosperous in the territory.


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Global Robot Expo

Madrid. November 30 and December 1, 2022.

The Global Robot Expo is the benchmark event in the niche of industry 4.0, automation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence and is reinforced by the celebration of the GR-EX World Congress where the greatest experts in the sector will participate.

GR-EX is a meeting point where companies seek to generate leads and find business opportunities hand in hand with other leading companies and high-level professionals.

In particular, it has a very strong commercial sense that makes it the ideal place to connect with multiple suppliers, potential customers and distributors, being something like a showcase that exhibits and extends innovation at the fingertips of institutional leaders and companies.

In this decembrino event choose if you want to participate as an exhibitor among the +150 exhibitors and present your company to the more than 45 countries in attendance or if you just want to attend and enjoy other things such as networking. Purchase your pass directly on the event’s website.


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