Collective bargaining agreement in Spain

The collective bargaining agreement is an official document drawn up between unions and businesses and it determines the conditions of work for a specific sector. These agreements in Spain are different depending on which autonomous community you are in.

Collective bargaining agreements: definition

This collective agreement is the document that sets out the rights and obligations concerning professional relationships. Collective bargaining agreements function at the same level as ordinary laws.

This type of agreement is an arrangement between unions and businesses and they determine all sorts of criteria relating to conditions of worker wages, weekly working hours etc.

Collective bargaining agreements allow:

  • For workers to have a framework around their contract which guarantees working conditions in Spain and a minimum income

For employers to maintain social harmony by diffusing global conflicts through negotiations

Collective Bargaining Agreement reform in Spain

The labour market reform in 2012 reduced the importance placed of these collective bargaining agreements. It is now possible to override these collective agreements by giving priority to company agreements. In case of any economic or technical difficulties relating to the organisation or production, the company may waive the working conditions defined in the sectoral collective bargaining agreement or from applicable companies for all aspects related to working time, work schedule, allocation of

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