Certificate of origin

A Spanish origin certificate is a document proving that goods originate from a particular place. It is a really important document if you want to engage in import and export business and we're going to explain to you how to get one.

The idea of an origin for a product

The origin is the economic nationality of goods in international trade. There are two types: non preferential origin and preferential origin.

  • Non-preferential origin gives citizenship to economic goods. This means that it Is used to determine the origin of products under various trade policy measures or tariff quotas. It is also used for statistical purposes. Other provisions, such as those related to public contracts or marking of origin, are also linked to this origin. In addition, EU export refunds under the Common Agricultural Policy are often based on non-preferential origin.
  • Preferential origin confers certain benefits on goods traded between particular countries, namely importation at a reduced or at zero rate.

The movement of goods within customs unions is not based on their certificate of origin but on the fact that they comply with the provisions of free movement. However, some products traded with territories in question do not fall within the scope of the customs union but do remain subject or preferential treatment based on their origin. If you run your business in imports and exports, you will have to purchase legal assistance in terms of international trade in order to have good reactions.

Requirements for the Certificate of Origin in Spain

The Spanish origin certificate is used to validate the origin of a product, whether imported or exported. It determines the treatment of goods at the time of entry into a customs territory since it will need to be subject to different custom controls according to its origin. In order to receive this certificate of Spanish origin, the product must fulfill a serious of conditions: · it must have been sent by an authority or organisation that offers the necessary guarantees and who has permission to be in the territory. · It must contain all the necessary information for the complete identification of goods including, among others, the following: the product, package number, gross and net weight, name of the sender etc. · It must certify unambiguously that the product originates from the country in question, in this case, Spain.

How to get a certificate of origin in Spain?

Whatever type of certificate of origin that you want, you will need to submit your application to the customs authorities at the time of export or the Chamber of Commerce to obtain a certificate of EU origin.

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