Certified translation documents

In order to buy or start up a business, you must have several official documents certifying your identity and that entitle you to exercise a particular business activity. When you embark on this process in Spain, your English documents will need to be translated into Castilian and certified by an official translator.

What is sworn translation?

It is important to make good habits to ensure optimal legal management of your company. The documents you need to provide for administrative procedures may have to be translated and certified by a professional legal translator. This type of official translation is called sworn translation.

Official writings can not be carried out by any translator. The translator must have a particular degree that allows them to do legal translation. This accreditation concerns a couple of languages, one sworn translator cannot translate the same text in different languages. Therefore, ensure that the translator who does your documents is sworn in both English and Spanish.

Legal translation: user manual

Sworn translation is needed to prove the legal value of someone abroad. During a commerical transaction, like buying a home or a company, the official documents that are not in the language of the host country must be a certified translation and then presented to the notary. The papers that need to be done via sworn translation are mostly academic documents such as degrees and certificates, identity cards and passports, driving licenses and all others issued by an official body. The price of a certified translation varies according to the number of words or pages that the document contains. The price may also change if the translation is going into or from Spanish.

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