E-commerce payment solutions

Your business presence on the Internet is a solid way in which to boost your sales and gain new notoriety. However, the development of a virtual storefront can be tricky and that's why we can surround you with help from professionals

How to launch your E-commerce shop?

When a company decides to launch into e-commerce in Spain, it is always difficult to know where to turn and where to start. Spanish banks, who offer solutions for professionals, offer trade products over the Internet and will help you assemble and manage your virtual store. There are also agencies that are dedicated exclusively to the creation of shops for businesses. They are responsible for designing the website but also the management and the security of the platform.

Services that adapt to the needs of your business

Virtual points of sale (or POS) solutions are the most widely used to sell online because they can adapt easily to the needs of the self-employed and of small businesses. The POS platform is easy to install and offers a wide range of services and benefits tailored to e-commerce in Spain. You can choose which payment methods are used too: subscription, classic payment, total or partial cancellations etc. This type of POS also includes an administration module that allows the contractor to check the movement of the point of sale, the sum of sales, the number of cancellations and refunds etc.

E-Commerce in Spain: Safety First

The main priority when creating an online sales platform is to ensure that payments are made securely and your income is well guarded. Most banks know this and focus on safety by offering payment control programs that comply with international protocol of Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, each developed by the renowned credit card organisations. This method of secure electronic commerce (ESC) is available in most banks in the business world. In addition to this, these programs carry out velocity checks that limit and control questionable purchases from a same credit card or from the same IP address. Finally, an entrepreneur may also consult the country of origin of each transaction to check every purchase for himself. Lastly, the ESC system sends to an authentication request to the paying bank card holder. Once authentication is completed, the system generates an electronic signature for the remote transaction, just as in a conventional transaction.

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