Company's accounting books

Accounting books are documents that list the monetary value of all transactions made by the company since the start of its business activity. Indeed, Spanish regulations require the possession of several administrative documents for the smooth functioning of each transaction.

The importance of financial management

The books in Spain are the backbone of accounting within a company: all entrepreneurs must carry out this documentation since it includes all market transactions over a specific period of time.

When first starting a business, the company must do an inventory and general stocktaking in order to allow its director to get to know their assets in a precise and comprehensive manner. All monetary movements made by the company should be included in these accounting books as required by Spanish law. The accounting books must be kept for at least ten full years.

The information they should contain:

  • The amount of items present at the time of initial inventory (this includes materials and assets)
  • The name and postal code
  • The value of all items
  • The value of operations
  • Total amount of all positions

The Log

This is one of the main parts where you will find all the company documents and ordered chronologically in accordance with the transactions made.

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