Employee Recruitment in Spain

By starting your company in Spain, you will need to proceed with staff recruitment in Spain itself. Whatever profile you are looking for, you can be certain you will find it within the Spanish labour market. Where should you look for your staff? How to choose? How long does it take? Here are some tips to help you ensure the best future employees and carry out an optimal recruitment process.

Where can you find qualified staff in Spain?

Your company's social management is paramount and the recruitment of your employees depends on it. As in all other Western countries, Spanish job seekers use the internet to look for work. The most popular websites include: Infojobs, Infoempleo, Trabajando.es, Portalparados.es, Barcelonaactiva, quieroempleo and Laboris. You could also use specialised social networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo which are being increasinlg used for job searches.

Alternatively, you could turn to an official body such as the Chamber of Commerce who can help you find the ideal candidate.

Finally, you should know that there are many consulting firms and agencies specialising in HR who can take on the task of selecting your employees.

How to choose your staff in Spain?

Your job offer may be in Spanish but it could also be in English or French if you want. Many foreigners live in major Spanish cities and are looking for a job that allows them to speak several languages. With the high unemployment rate of around 25%, you will undoubtedly receive lots of applications. To choose your employees you should offer one or two interviews depending on the complexity of the job. The first interview normally takes place over the phone or over Skype but it is advised that you or one of your employees is present to complete the interview. If the candidate is already in a job, you should know that the notice period is 2 weeks, regardless of the industry.

Instructions for recruiting your employees

If you decide to hire a candidate of Spanish nationality, you will only need to ask for their identity card to register for Social Security. However, if you hire a French or English employee, they should provide their NIE in addition to an ID card. This applies for an employee of any different European nationality. However, if your employee is neither Spanish nor European, they must show their residence permit, their NIE and their passport in order to register for social security. A trial period permits the employer and employee to terminate the contract without notice or justification and it runs between 1 and 6 months under the collective agreement corresponding to that particular job.

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