Registering a company in Spain

If you want to start your company abroad, it will be domiciled in that country too. This means you will need to rent a local space in Spain to start the business in. To follow this, we will explain all there is to know about how to domicile and register your company in Spain.

Domiciling your company: what is this?

The administrative residence of your company determines which tax regime it adheres to. For example, if you want to start a company in Spain, its domicile should be in Spain too. You'll need to have an address in Spain, be it an apartment, a room or even the address of a consulting firm used during your process. To do this, look for local premises or entrust a specialised agency to do the research for you. Then, you will need to register this new address in the commercial register as the final step to starting your company. Without domiciliation of your company in Spain, registering the business will unsuccessful.

The differences between social and fiscal domiciles in Spain

There are two types of domicile for that of a company: social domiciliation and tax domiciliation. These two distinguishing features can now use a single address or two different ones depending on the actual location of the business activity itself. The tax domicile is where the company was created (in our case Spain) and the social domicile is where most of the transactions take place. The address of a Spanish company can actually be outside of Spain if it is more convenient

Personal or professional domicile

Your company's address in Spain must be a physical one in the country itself. Therefore, you are required to rent a room or apartment which can you make your official office. To help you find this rental property, many agencies are available to help you find the perfect site and to assist in negotiations in the Spanish language. However, if you already have accommodation of some sort in Spain, you should know that it is quite possible to use that address as a tax domicile for your new company. You will be able to benefit from tax reductions and greatly reduce the costs of your business this way.

Domiciling your business in Spain with a specialised company

In Spain, it is not necessary to rent a room or property if you use a virtual office. Therefore, you can use the address of an agency specialised in company start-up or that sells such services. This is an ideal option if you want your operations centre or social domicile to stay in Spain. If you choose this option you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a Spanish company but not pay any property charges, except for a small remuneration fee to the agency that will house your business.

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