The different legal regulations

The different legal regulations

In Spain, companies take almost the same legal form as in England: SA, SL and self-employed. If you have decided to embark upon starting your own company in Spain, several options are available for you: Limited Company, public company or being an entrepreneur. How should you choose the best legal status for your new company? There are different types of companies with their own characteristics each with advantages and constraints.

Which is best suited to my company?

To succeed in the best way when starting your business, you should choose the right legal framework since this decision has significant consequences in terms of taxation. The choice of legal status in Spain depends on the nature of the business involved, the amount of investment, the number of participants and the matrimonial regime, the tax and social security of the company and its creator, its mode of operation and management, the degree of commitment and responsibility taken on by the creator, the development of potential and transmission opportunities too. Furthermore, it is important to check the regulations that your business could be subject to.

Limited Company (SARL)

The minimum capital is 3,006 Euros A limited company holds a flexible and low binding legal status since the contractor’s responsibility of the contractor is limited to the company’s capital. The number of shareholders, however, is unlimited.

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