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  • 我们的核心支柱:迅速执行能力和对各地区的了解。西班牙行政和税务专家。我们将成为您在西班牙可信的合伙人。您将拥有一个专家团队为您解决每一个具体需求。

Tax Management

If you are a professional or an individual, we have solutions adapted to your needs. Tax returns, audit, consulting, support in case of tax inspections, tax optimization, etc.

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Management Accounting

Our main goal is to manage your annual accounts. We work closely with you in order to gather all the necessary information to book all of the entries, to review your accounts, etc.

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Social Management

We take care of all of the administrative procedures related to human resources. We will keep you informed of every new rule related to your activity to reduce social costs.

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Real Estate

Our consultancy is made up of law experts who will guide you during the purchase of your property in Spain. We will be by your side during the negotiation and the revision of the contract.

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Legal Service

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Additional Services

Depuis la création jusqu’à son éventuelle transmission ou liquidation. Nous vous accompagnons dans le conseil de votre entreprise au quotidien.

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Ubicada en el centro de Barcelona desde 1979, TAS Consultoría presta servicios de asesoría y gestoría a aquellas empresas y emprendedores que requieren un asesoramiento profesional y que quieren emprender en España. TAS Consultoría pone a su disposición un equipo de asesores y gestores para la creación y puesta en marcha de su empresa en España. Posteriormente puede gestionar su nueva empresa a nivel fiscal, contable y laboral.


Services Additionels

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