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Safely invest in Spanish real estate

Real estate in Spain hasnever been that attractive for foreigners. Due to the competitive price of properties and to the burst of the housing bubble, it now happens that it is advantageous for a foreigner to invest in an apartment or a villa in Spain.
To acquire such a good in Spain is not complicated; however, you should get a prior consultation because some procedures might differ from other countries. When buying a property in Spain, unpredictable elements can arise and measures to take to make sure the transaction is on the right way are changing from what you may know.Hence, the assistance of our lawyers and legal-expert team is crucial to avoid any complication.
Established for more than 30 years in Spain we have a deep understanding of the market and we are experts in property law. Counting on a truly bilingual team we are able to respond your worries and enquiries regarding fiscal matters. And so on, until your signature.

Which services are included in Real Estate/Property PACK ?
Examination and analysis around legal matters contained in the purchasing documents (deposit, selling contract)
Real estate legal status review (charges and encumbrances)
Ensuring the absence of urban planning or debt to administrations or to landlord
Checking of all legal and administrative papers signed with supplying partners (water, gas, electricity)
Answering doubts and solving legal questions the client might have
Elaboration et publication des comptes annuels
Rapport mensuel ou trimestriel de comptabilité
Gestion de vos déclarations de TVA intracommunautaire
Prise en charge des fiches de paie de vos salariés
We check every legal related aspects before buying
No need to come to Spain before buying, we provide the totality of our services from Spain
Our juridical experts and lawyers are perfectly fluent
Guidance and fully at your disposal for a 100% secure purchase

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