Pack Personal

Do you want a business personalized to your needs?
Why not opt for the Custom pack?

The custom pack offers a personalized business creation in Spain, totally adapted to your needs, expectations and goals. In this case, the company is created from scratch according to the standard procedures, which means that the actual setting up of the company can last up to 2 weeks. You will have to come to Barcelona for a few days.
One of our advisors will accompany you during all the procedures at the Spanish administration. If you don’t speak Spanish, our experts will come with you and help you communicate with others: they speak fluently English, French and Spanish.
All of the expenses for the Attorney and the Trade Register are included in the Custom Pack!

What are the services included in the Custom Pack ?
Follow-up by an English-speaking consultant
Getting your NIE (foreigners identification number in Spain)
Certification of the name of the company at the Trade Register
Definition of the status and creation of the company in front of an attorney
Creation of a professional and a private bank accounts
Preparation of documents to deliver to the tax administration
Request for a VAT Spanish number
Request for an intra-community VAT number
Prise en charge des fiches de paie de vos salariés

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