Additional Services

Our customers can take advantage of our additional services we have available. In order to simplify the management of your documents, to optimize your company, we have all kind of solutions adapted to your needs.

Simplify your document management with Docuware

Once you become a client, you will benefit from all the advantages that our partner Docuware offers. All your accounts documents will be stored in a central location. You will have a central workspace in which you can view, organise and search all of your files on any device. Gain time and increase productivity with Docuware.

Automate your company’s staff management with Sage

Take advantage of the availability of the Sage One “portal del empleo” tool. By putting an end to tedious manual tasks, you enable your employees to concentrate on projects synonymous with productivity and profits. Managing leave and absences, viewing pay slips, contracts and documents relating to staff.

Optimise your company’s management company with Dolibarr free software

Whether you are a freelancer, a consultant or a services business manager, you need to prepare quotes, send invoices, track revenues from your business, make purchases and keep records,  not to mention prospecting, customer after care, operation and project management, accounting for expenditure etc. Dolibarr free software enables all of these tasks to be carried out in a single environment.

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