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How to make a competitive analysis when making a presentation to investors?

Competitive analysis

Presenting your business to a potential investor is not an easy task. However, it helps you to improve the idea you have of it, forcing you to think about and analyze what your competitors are doing. In investor presentations you should never overlook talking about your competitors and, therefore, you should focus on doing a good competitive analysis. Do you want to learn how to do it, stay and find out!

How to apply for ICO credits to complement the Digital Kit grants?

ICO Credits

Since the Kit Digital aid program covers digital solutions and not the purchase of computer equipment, the Official Credit Institute (ICO) has granted an extra guarantee in order to cover the needs that are not covered by the Kit Digital. If you are self-employed and want to know more about the ICO credits that complement the Kit Digital aid, then stay with us until the end!

What is the new energy saving plan and how does it affect your company?

Energy saving plan

The Spanish Government, in line with the energy and gas saving measures adopted by the European Union, together with the Council of Ministers, have approved in August the energy saving plan for air conditioning. In this post we will tell you what are the measures to be adopted, who is affected and what are the possible penalties in case of non-compliance. Stay until the end!

Thanks to the Quantum Spain program, Spain has been selected to host the first quantum computer in Europe

Quantum Spain

The Government of Spain has promoted the creation of an entire quantum computing ecosystem in the country, called Quantum Spain. Recently, the European Union’s supercomputing consortium has chosen the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) as one of the six centers that will host one of the first quantum computers in Europe in 2023. Do you want to know more? Here we tell you all about it.

How do withholding taxes for non-residents in Spain work?

Withholdings to non-residents in Spain

You may not be aware of it, but companies or self-employed individuals with self-employed workers under their charge are obliged to withhold or make payments on account on the income paid to them. If your company pays income from work to a non-resident, you will have to apply the fixed withholding tax of 24%, but there are exceptions. However, there are exceptions. Do you want to know more about withholdings to non-residents in Spain? Then stay until the end!

Tax reform: what is the new 23% rate?

Tax reform

In order to combat inflation, the Spanish government proposed a nominal tax reform that will allow smaller companies to save up to 700 euros per year. Do you want to know more about this tax reform that will lower the nominal tax rate? Then stay with us until the end of this article!

How can metaverse and Treasury be understood in the new digital economy?

Digital economy

The word “metaverse” has been gaining more and more popularity and, recently, the first Spanish metaverse has started its own commercialization stage. As expected, in this digital world, commercial transactions are expected to take place that, to a greater or lesser degree, may constitute taxable events. Do you want to know how the digital economy can work between the metaverse and the Treasury? Here we tell you about it!

What is the accounting treatment for partial cancellation of an ICO loan?

ICO Loan

Many companies and freelancers, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, applied for ICO loan subsidies to make their business viable. Since many people have been wondering about the correct accounting record of the subsidies received to partially cancel these loans, today, in TAS Consultancy, we tell you what is the accounting treatment of a subsidy to partially cancel an ICO loan.

Is it possible to support deductible VAT before starting the activity?

Deductible VAT

If you are going to start a business activity, it is quite normal that you will have expenses and investments long before you receive income and profits from it. Therefore, you may be wondering: can I deduct the input VAT before starting the activity? Well, in this article we will answer all your questions about deductible VAT, come and join us!

What is the new Digital Services Law?

Digital Services Law

After two years, we can say that Europe will become the first free digital market in the world, with predictable and clear rules for all those who participate in it. The European Parliament plenary has approved the new Digital Services Act with 539 votes in favor and the Digital Markets Act with 588 votes in favor. Do you want to know more about the Digital Services Act? Read our article and find out all about it.